Eco-Friendly Solar Lighting Solutions for Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the largest cities in the Western Cape, and its unique geography and location next to the Atlantic—the ocean with the highest salt content—mean that outdoor lighting needs to be robust, hard-wearing, and rugged to remain in great condition. Over recent years, businesses, developers and residents have also become keenly aware of the value of eco-friendly [...]

May 21st, 2024|

Advanced Properties and Features to Look for in Solar Lights for Outside

Most homeowners appreciate the benefits of solar lighting, such as cost-efficiency, low maintenance, and savings on electricity expenses. Once installed, a solar outdoor light incurs no further costs. These outdoor lighting models rely entirely on solar power, and are therefore clean, green, and zero-cost, without any reliance on the national grid. However, if you’re new to solar lights, there are [...]

April 23rd, 2024|

Selecting Hard-Wearing Rust-Resistant Outdoor Lights for Coastal Properties

Outdoor lighting is used for security, landscaping, estates and residential areas, to improve safety around pools and gardens, and as a great way to introduce an ambient atmosphere around outdoor dining spaces, seating areas and play spaces. For businesses and property owners close to the coast, the challenge is that the higher concentration of salt within the air causes electronics [...]

March 18th, 2024|

Are Solar Security Lights With Motion Sensors a Good Business Investment?

Security lights have long been used within commercial environments, adding a layer of protection and ensuring that any unexpected activity or attempts to access the rear of a business premise are instantly detected and illuminated. Intruders and opportunist criminals are significantly less likely to attempt a theft or break-in at premises clearly well guarded, where they cannot access the property [...]

February 14th, 2024|

How Long Do Professional Quality Solar Wall Lights Last?

Excellent quality solar wall lights are engineered with multiple features and components to support long-term usage and durability. As a specialist supplier of premium solar lighting solutions, Solight offers wall light sets with commercial-grade solar batteries with a lifespan of as long as ten years and above – providing excellent value and the assurance of low-carbon, sustainable lighting that will [...]

January 10th, 2024|

Maximising the Impact of Outdoor Lighting for Summer Entertaining

Outdoor lighting can add a touch of sophistication and elegance, illuminating patios, walkways, landscaping and planting with gentle, warm lighting or acting as high visibility wall lights to ensure your guests can find your home with ease and enjoy outdoor entertaining long into the night. As the weather warms, wall lights and delicate outdoor pendants offer an opportunity to make [...]

December 8th, 2023|

Solar Outdoor Lights vs Electrical: Can Eco-Friendly Be Efficient?

Whether you're buying elegant solar garden lights for your home or investing in estate lighting solutions and solar street lights for larger-scale outdoor areas, there is often a misconception that the environmentally friendly nature of solar outdoor lights requires a compromise. Although some solar energy-based products indeed have slower charging times or dips in performance compared to their electrical counterparts, [...]

October 9th, 2023|

The Quick-Start Guide to Installing Solar Wall Lights

Adding solar wall lights to your parking bay, garden, pool surround, or entranceway is a fantastic way to improve visibility and increase security, using outdoor wall lights that are powered solely by the free, clean solar energy of the sun. While fitting your solar wall lights is easy, and we provide fixings and a detailed installation guide with every unit, [...]

August 11th, 2023|


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