SoLight was established to introduce sustainable, quality solar lights and solar lighting solutions to the South African market. With the current unstable and failing electricity supply from Eskom in South Africa, we aim to bring quality alternatives in the form of solar lighting to consumers.

Our customers would then have peace of mind that there will be all year round lighting capability for their homes, office parks, estates or holiday houses. Our multi-function quality solar lighting options will bring peace of mind when it comes to safety and reliability through low carbon usage.


All SoLight solar light products are produced with quality in mind and are manufactured to internationally recognized standards. The outcome of each solar light is an item which can produce all year round solar lighting for safety and security. These intelligent lighting alternatives will allow for a trustworthy, sustainable solar lighting options for all outdoor applications.


Have any questions about our solar light products? Send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

With ever-increasing utility costs, lack of reliability and a need for renewable energy alternatives, Solight outdoor solar lights are suited to a broad range of uses and locations, powering your home, business and outdoor spaces with secure, always-on functionality.

The advancements in solar lighting allow us to develop cutting-edge technology, commercial-grade solar batteries and tamper-proof casing materials, along with elegant solar lighting aesthetics, zero-maintenance fixtures and long-life solar energy cells.

The Leading Supplier of Outdoor Solar Lights South Africa

Solight is an established team of solar energy experts developing and designing best-in-class renewable lighting fixtures for a range of purposes, from decorative outdoor solar lights for landscaping to high-performance estate solar lighting.

Our dedicated consultants can recommend the right solar light fixtures, placements, technical properties or casings for your requirements, with a focus on sustainable, accessible and future-proof energy alternatives.

Solar lighting is particularly beneficial in retrofitting properties or premises with poor electricity dependability or where security lights are prone to outages and downtime – and can deliver a considerable, long-term saving.

Professional Solar Lighting Solutions

Within our solar lights gallery and blog, we provide a library of educational resources to explain the cost-efficiency of solar lights and the benefits in terms of maintenance, running expenses, installation and carbon reduction.

Solight advocates for excellence in all we do and are happy to provide advice and assistance if you would like information about the specifications of any solar light model or creating a network of outdoor solar lights for security purposes.

Each outdoor solar lighting product comes with a professional warranty. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about ideal lighting placements, positions or angles of illumination.

Please get in touch at your convenience, or browse our extensive catalogues of garden solar lights, security solar lighting solutions, estate and roadway solar light units or landscape solar light installations for further details.