Living by the coastline, rivers, or beaches can be incredible, with wonderfully dramatic seasons and the joy of taking a cool dip on a sunny day. However, salty air and windy weather aren’t kind to outdoor lights and electrics, and it can become expensive to replace corroded batteries or worn wires at the end of every winter season.

Here we explore some of the specifications we recommend for homes or businesses in coastal regions and the benefits of opting for solar-powered lighting solutions to reduce your repairs budget substantially.

The Challenge of Mixing Sea Air and Electrical Lights

Seawater contains high concentrations of salt, which we all know. What isn’t always obvious is how quickly this salt can cause a detrimental impact on any outdoor installations.

Conventional outdoor lights are vulnerable to several environmental factors:

  • High salt content water (including rainwater).
  • Damage caused by high humidity.
  • Sand and dust ingress, often due to high winds.

These impacts mean that electronic items break down faster, shorten the life of batteries, and often accumulate debris in power ports, affecting the connection. Thousands of homes and commercial sites near coastal regions spend a considerable amount coping with the damage caused, which can quickly become expensive.

Any electronic items pose a safety hazard. When we factor in corrosion in batteries or wearing away of plastic casing protecting users from mains power lines, it becomes clear why solar power is a significantly better solution!

Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting Specifications

The first thing to look for on any outdoor lights is a waterproof accreditation. This status is awarded following independent testing and ensures any devices you buy are fit for outdoor use, even in breezy, salty climates.

Here’s a quick rundown of the specifications Solight offers in our outdoor solar lighting ranges:

  • IP65 waterproof ratings mean every solar light we produce is 100% protected from water damage, including splashes, drips and full-on downpours.
  • All the fittings and fixations are manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel, meaning they are durable and provide excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • Battery temperature and control technology (TCS) means that our solar batteries won’t get too hot or cold, break down or become inoperable.
  • Automatic switches avoid excessive power usage during the day, conserving your full solar charge.
  • ALS 2.1 patented technology provides exceptional power conservation capacity.
  • Advanced aluminium alloy materials are engineered for long life.
  • Solar cell batteries are designed for performance, including polycrystalline and Lithium-ion options.

Each of these properties and design details contributes to providing an outdoor lighting product that isn’t only long-lasting, functional and cost-effective, but that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions with ease.

Conserving Outdoor Lights in Coastal Areas

Our solar-powered outdoor lighting installations are built with high-performance materials and intended to cope with wild weather. However, if you’re concerned about another electrical item becoming worn or preserving the quality of your lighting solutions, let’s run through a few tips to keep everything in excellent working order.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way, and a few minutes of cleaning a couple of times a year could make a positive impact on how often you need to replace your outdoor electronics. One of the biggest culprits is condensation, caused within a lighting casing due to temperature fluctuations with the bulb heating up inside and the colder air around it.

Solar light is a perfect choice since the commercial-grade LED bulbs don’t overheat and have our TCS technology to avoid problems like condensation building up.

Aluminium lights are also an excellent bet since the metal won’t rust or oxidise. Keeping your lights clean, particularly those most exposed will ensure that any anti-corrosion finishes or paint you apply remains in top shape.

The mast on a pole-mounted solar light is the most likely place to see rust and corrosion after a few years since they are most exposed to saltwater from the roads, sprinkler spray and even a stray weed whacker.

To keep your lighting masts looking great, you can either add a replacement base without impacting the lighting system itself or use a good rust remover with a bristle brush, and then coat with an anti-corrosion finish to avoid further damage.

Solar Lighting Safety for Outdoor Installations

Our final area to look at is around lighting safety, which we’ve touched on very briefly. Eroding wires connected to mains power can be hazardous and even carry a lethal voltage if touched or if the power transmits through the ground during wet weather.

Solight solves this safety issue with 100% wireless solar lighting. Our solar-powered lights have no mains reliance. That means they work perfectly year-round, without incurring any utility costs to run (solar power is, after all, free).

However, an added benefit to using solar wireless lights is that the lack of wiring can be crucial, particularly for:

  • Homes with children playing outside or near lighting.
  • Families with pets or livestock that could explore an exposed wire.
  • Properties with ponds or water close to electronics.
  • Businesses with outdoor lighting areas.
  • Car parks where security lighting is hardwired.
  • Remote buildings without access to mains power.
  • Vacant properties requiring additional security.

Solar LED bulbs are touch-friendly, so they won’t overheat and don’t pose a risk to curious children or pets – and will automatically switch off in the daytime to preserve their charge and avoid unnecessary use. This safety aspect adds to the overall package of sustainable lighting, lower running costs, environmental efficiency and minimal maintenance to make solar-powered lights a perfect solution, ideal for properties near exposed coastal regions and where safety and performance are equal priorities.

For more details about any of the Solight outdoor lighting models or to receive recommendations for the most suitable lighting for your property, please get in touch for personalised advice.