We all know about effective, great quality lighting for inside our homes – from atmospheric dining rooms to subtle spotlights and stunning focal points to energy-efficient bulbs. But what about our gardens?

Your outdoor space offers a tranquil relaxation spot and is your private touch of nature to enjoy after a busy day. Even the most elegant landscaping is transformed with beautiful garden lighting that makes your outdoors an extension of your home long after the sun has gone down.

Let’s look at the top benefits of landscape and garden lighting, and why it is essential for all discerning garden owners.

Garden Lighting Maximises Use of Your Outdoor Space

Particularly here in South Africa, we are blessed with gorgeous weather to enjoy. However, so many of us pack up and move inside when the nights draw in. Effective landscape lighting illuminates every corner of your balcony, courtyard or garden to make it usable and safe all year round, and thus extends the size of your home.

There are so many ways in which our living space is enhanced by having a well-lit garden, and lends itself perfectly to:

  • Evening entertaining
  • Alfresco dining
  • Quality family time
  • Romantic dinner dates

Subtle solar lighting can create ambience and atmosphere, and with a gentle breeze and a few snug blankets in the colder months, makes your garden the ideal spot for stylish entertaining.

Landscape Lighting as a Design Statement

Your lighting is as unique as your home and is tailored perfectly to your personal style and tastes. It is both aesthetic and functional; whether you want to make a statement feature out of a water feature, or would like gentle coloured lighting to bring a sprinkle of charm to your walkways.

Outdoor landscape lighting is also highly practical, and guides your guests safely along walkways and paths, and creates a clear delineation between your property and that of your neighbours so even on the darkest of nights you never wander astray.

As a dynamic design piece, garden lighting is ideal for creating interest around flower beds, water features, seating areas and garden ponds. You can incorporate lighting in creative, unusual and often unexpected ways by using contrasting lighting levels, overhead features, and illuminating walls, railing and staircases.

Garden lights are ideal for creating atmosphere, and by combining different angles of illumination and contrasting highlights, elevate your landscaping to the next level.

Making Your Garden Lighting a Feature

The beauty of our gardens is that they offer another element to our homes, even when we aren’t using them. Whether you love watching the world go by and spotting creatures great and small, or find the relaxation of mother nature a perfect way to end your day, the allure of appealing landscape lighting makes your garden a focal point.

Use outdoor lighting to create charm or impact outside key living spaces, such as dining areas or living rooms. When entertaining, having an illuminated landscape as your backdrop brings atmosphere and ambience to any gathering.

Safety Benefits of Solar Lighting

As well as lighting walkways to avoid any trips or falls, automatic lighting is also a seamless and reliable way to protect your property from intruders after hours. Having smart garden lighting ensures that, even if you return well after dark, you will be able to safely navigate your path, and reach your property with your entrance ways clearly lit. With housebreaking being the most common crime in South Africa, using lighting has the excellent benefit of acting as a deterrent to potential criminals. It marks your home out as one that is not an easy target. Clear visibility and security lights add a layer of protection to your home and ensure that any prospective intruders are immediately illuminated.

Intelligent solar lighting can charge throughout the day to work faultlessly throughout the night, ensuring that you never need to worry about batteries, energy consumption or remembering to turn on switches manually.

The Value of Advanced Garden Lighting

Outdoor space is always a great selling point when it comes to listing your home on the property market, and shows a level of attention to detail that often ends when it gets past the internal decor. Having outstanding quality garden space, eco-friendly solar lighting and an extended living area that adds to the quality of life improves both the appeal and visual impact of your home and also highlights your best property features.

This combines to enhance the value of your residence and ensures that your home stands out when it comes to selling.

Why Solar Lights are the Best Option for Garden and Landscape Lighting in South Africa

Solar lighting is as efficient and cost-effective as it is beautiful. Solight was established to offer an outstanding range of sustainable, high-quality solar lighting products and solutions to our customers throughout South Africa.

Our products offer the assurance of long-term reliability, with lighting that works perfectly even during electricity outages. Particularly with challenges around Eskom’s electricity supply, Solight provides all the value-added safety and aesthetic benefits on offer, charged through the power of the sun. Alternative solar lighting is completely budget-friendly and requires no mainline utilities to run, charge or operate.

Solight clients include a vast range of properties, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Office parks
  • Housing estates
  • Holiday homes

With year-round reliability and multi-function quality, our solar lighting offers the ultimate peace of mind, while being low-carbon usage and beautifully designed.

Solight Solar Lighting Options

Your needs and stylistic preferences are reflected in your home or property, and as such Solight offers a broad range of products to provide outstanding lighting solutions to address all South African lighting and security needs:

  • Automatic running lights operate from dusk to dawn and work smoothly without needing timers or any kind of manual intervention.
  • Running costs are reduced to zero, with no maintenance or utility expenses once your lighting has been installed.
  • Every Solight product is designed for functionality and longevity and offers a long lifespan.
  • Our product ranges require zero maintenance, so once your lighting is installed, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ambience.
  • All of our products come with a warranty ranging from one to three years.
  • Installation is simple and easy, with no cabling or wires required.

Contact Solight for more information about the power of solar lighting, and to look at new ways of enhancing the harmony of your outdoor spaces.