When we’re buying solar lights for our exteriors, we want two things:

  • Decent quality solar lights that will last.
  • Good value for money.

One of the biggest bugbears for solar energy experts is that the popularity of environmentally friendly garden lighting results in poor standard lighting that will not last long before fizzling out! We regularly chat with customers who have purchased inadequate solar lights often from garden centres, and find that the cost saving is quickly swallowed by the need to buy replacements when the lights break and batteries die.

Let us explain what you should keep a lookout for as measures of premium quality solar lighting – and why it pays to invest in quality products that will stand the test of time!

What to Look for in Quality Premium Solar Lighting

Like every item in our homes, there is a world of difference between the most advanced designs on the market, and cheap replicas.

For example, buying a solid, handcrafted oak dining table will last for decades, and be sturdy enough to pass down through the generations to come. A thin, plastic table will be lucky to see out the end of the year!

The same goes for solar lights, and Solight are proud to deliver the ultimate in premium lighting to offer solar energy products that will perform seamlessly. Here are some of the components incorporated into our product design to offer next-level technology at the cutting edge of eco-friendly illuminations.

  • IP rated waterproof technology. One of the primary reasons that low-quality LED lights fail is due to water ingress. Solight products are rated to an independent IP accreditation, giving you 100% confidence that your bulbs and batteries are robustly protected from rain, surface water and splashes.
  • Advanced casing materials, such as aluminium, or a high quality composite. Robust casings are as light as plastic, so easy to move or reposition, but with profoundly better longevity. Our casing materials protect the lighting elements and mean that your lights will last for years to come, without cracking or breaking.
  • TCS (temperature and control technology) means that the heat inside your solar lights is regulated. Overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter are common faults on regular solar lights. Solight outdoor lighting systems incorporate TCS to prolong every product’s life span and ensure your commercial standard batteries operate perfectly whatever the weather.

These are just a few of the quality benchmarks of our products, setting Solight solar energy products apart from the competition.

If you’re considering different solar lighting options, we’d recommend looking at the specification, and seeing which of these components are included. Other factors such as the battery’s life cycle, solar cell recharging panels and warranty periods are also crucial indicators of whether your solar lights are suitable.

Solight is proud to offer no-quibble warranties on all of our goods.

The Long-Term Cost of Solar Energy Lights Explained

Ok, so we’ve all been there – you see two products that are comparable (at least on the surface) and are watching your budget as we all do!

The issue is that sometimes, it pays to spend a little more. You can make substantial savings in the long-term by selecting solar lights designed to deliver over months and years, not days and weeks.

Let’s consider a couple of examples to demonstrate the savings on offer:

  • Our Mars 1 Solar Wall Light costs R 360 and comes with IP65 certification, three lighting modes, a yearlong warranty, and a powerful Lithium-ion battery.
  • We’ve found a similar solar wall light with a motion sensor on a well-known marketplace (that we won’t name here but you can probably find online!) for R 289.

Here’s the problem – the first review we’ve come to reports that this lower-cost wall light doesn’t stay on properly after dark. It breaks after a couple of months, often because water gets into the thin plastic casing, rendering the batteries inoperable. On average, it looks like these products last around 12 weeks, making the cost of this wall light around R 96 per month.

The Mars 1 light is something altogether different. The battery lasts for 1,500+ cycles, and with one revolution every three days is designed to deliver seamless functionality for over twelve years! That’s a cost of around R 2.50 per month, in comparison.

When you compare the 19% saving, you might be tempted to opt for the cheaper model. However, we’d strongly recommend scrolling down to the reviews, and working out how much usage you’re realistically going to get from a solar light that isn’t designed to last more than a few weeks.

From the shell material to battery reliability, LED power to weight, and colour temperature to the solar cell, each Solight product component is selected for durability, longevity, and the ability to deliver the very best in value for money.

Quality Over Quantity – the Solight Difference

Choosing a reliable, trusted solar energy supplier will revolutionise the expectations of your solar lights. Well designed, well-made products are created to withstand the elements, provide an extra element of security, and enhance the ambience of your outdoor spaces come rain or shine.

The Solight difference is evidenced in the long lifespans of every solar lighting installation we sell – and our sustainable approach to creating eco-friendly systems with zero reliance on mains power. Over time, reducing electricity usage and improving security with exceptional solar lights delivers a significant cost saving on lower-quality solar lights, produced in bulk using plastics and chemicals that are as bad for the planet as they are for your wallet.

Solight systems are ideal for residential homes, estates and commercial premises. We deliver low carbon lighting with multi-function programming, providing peace of mind that your lights will operate exactly as we say they will, for many years to come.

Please get in touch at any time for more info on our product specs, warranty periods, or the expected lifespan of any Solight installation!