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The Halo landscape light has a multi angle illumination and makes it easy to decorate any open area. The design allows for sufficient light distribution- light collects and scatters evenly, effectively reducing light pollution. The battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects the battery in high temperatures and prolongs the life span of the battery. It has an alloy lamp body which is strong & durable and incorporates ALS2.1 patented technology capable of 10 days lighting time through overcast conditions.  Standard with auto on and off light sensors and charging.

  • Mounting: Pole
  • LED Power: 20W
  • Solar panel: Monocrystalline
  • Colour temperature: 4000K
  • Charging time: 9hrs
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3.7V115.44WH 2.6AH/PC (1500+ cycles)
  • Control mode: On/off button switch (auto day and night)
    • 2000 Lumens – lowering to 500 Lumens after 5 hours
  • LED (OSRAM): 3030 60pc
  • Core technology: ALS 2.1/TCS 1.0
  • Installation height: 2.5M – 3.5M
  • Warranty: 3 Years


Special Order


Using Landscape Lights to Improve the Appeal of Your Business Premise

Landscape lights are versatile and effective, providing the perfect combination of additional security and assurance to make a premise or business enticing and welcoming, particularly during the evenings.

Our mast-mounted Halo light is commonly used to:

  • Illuminate walkways for safety, ensuring that paths and entrances do not pose a trip hazard.
  • Flood outdoor kitchens, bars and dining spaces with light to prolong the use of decking.
  • Provide lighting for benches and play areas in public gardens and parks in residential estates.
  • Add security measures to car parking areas, loading bays and delivery points.
  • Create a focal point in landscaping, positioned to illuminate trees, planting and shrubbery.

During the hours of darkness, deep shadows and gloomy walkways can feel intimidating. Landscape lights are an ideal solution, with higher-positioned lights offering a subtle, ambient glow or installed with a tighter beam angle to highlight signs and storefronts.

Solar battery-powered lights are cost-effective and can be used year-round at zero additional outlay without impacting your electricity bill or needing a qualified electrician to install cabling and wires.

Choosing the Best Solar Landscape Lights for Your Business or Estate

The beauty of pole-mounted landscape lights is that each unit provides even light distribution, which can be concentrated on one area or spread over a wider position.

The right landscape lights should be easy to install, low-cost to run and fit seamlessly within your premise or site to enhance your outdoor spaces overnight, without incurring ongoing electricity and maintenance costs.

We often supply landscape lights to be fitted around fountains, trees, decks and foliage to ensure paths and walkways are safe and bright or to act as spotlights for concealed access routes, adding an element of security and safety for all pedestrians.

Landscape Lighting as a Safety Asset for Estates, Parklands and Play Spaces

Estates and compounds with a public outdoor space can add real value, providing an area for children to play and families to walk, making the most of the fresh air and natural environment. One of the many challenges for estate managers is that the cost of fitting path lights throughout a park or investing in lighting to illuminate pedestrian areas across an estate would be prohibitively expensive.

Solar landscape lights are a superb way to ensure residents and service users can make the most of these areas, using commercial garden lighting to create an outdoor space that is accessible and safe as night falls.

Landscape lights can transform estates, with subtle beams of brightness starting to shine as soon as the sun begins to set, delivering eco-friendly, solar-powered lighting with every unit designed to last for over a decade.


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