Cutting-edge solar street lights solve countless problems for homeowners, estate managers, housing associations and businesses.

Cost-effective solar lighting solutions ensure estates are sustainably powered and operate independently from the mains grid – providing reliable safety lighting, security lights and roadway lights to keep pedestrians, vehicle users, and residents protected year-round.

SoLight produces an exceptional range of commercial-grade solar street lights, with premium features, precision engineering and a range of styles, from sleek modern mast-mounted roadway lights to discreet, slimline estate lights for residential zones, roadways and business parks.

Sustainable Solar Street Lights for Roadways and Estates

Solar street light grids are an excellent way to design road systems for optimal safety, with multiple applications:

  • Play parks and children’s areas
  • Residential estates or business premises
  • Walkways and pavements adjacent to roads
  • Parking areas and driveways

The green credentials of our solar street light models enable site managers, town planners and estate owners to showcase their commitment to responsible, ethical and eco-friendly solutions with zero ongoing running costs.

Our advanced solar street lights function flawlessly and support schemes aiming for carbon neutrality, recharging long-life batteries during the day and turning on automatically, or according to pre-programmed settings, in the evening.

Solar lighting requires no cabling or downtime. It is ready to use immediately after installation, with options to fit lighting units on fences, walls or masts as required, depending on the estate layout.

Choosing the Right Solar Street Light System for Your Estate

SoLight is the leading solar street light supplier in South Africa and specialises in harnessing technological innovations to provide efficient, solar-powered lighting solutions for an array of security, safety and aesthetic purposes.

We stock a comprehensive range of solar street lights with waterproof accredited casings, versatile applications, temperature and control technology and optional motion sensors.

If you are unsure which solar street lights you need or the operational performance capacity required to cover a broad area, augment road user safety or provide sufficient lighting to illuminate potential hazards such as raised pavements or curbsides, our consultants will be delighted to help.

Many estate managers or planners install solar street lights as a dual benefit, providing reliable, always-on lighting as and when required, without the uncertainty of power cuts and blackouts, making roadways potentially dangerous to road users and nearby residents.

Our slimline roadway lights can also be used on private driveways, business parking areas, stairwells and outdoor sites to improve visibility, with professional warranties available on all SoLight models.