Solar-powered garden lights can transform outdoor spaces, bringing gentle illuminations to outdoor decks for entertaining, creating safe walking spaces, and highlighting focal points such as water features.

Our comprehensive range of outdoor garden lights is carefully selected to cater to different design aesthetics, from subtle bollard lights to place around entrances to wall-mounted garden solar lights for pools, patios and play areas.

Professionally Designed Garden Lights South Africa

Solight garden solar lights are designed to exceptional quality standards, with a professional warranty period, high-performance long-life batteries, low-maintenance casings and patented solar technology.

Installing a set of outdoor garden lights can offset pale brickwork, brighten pathways, and make your garden usable late into the evenings, or in darker light conditions, without requiring replacement batteries or expensive running costs.

Solar-powered garden lights operate solely from natural, carbon-free solar energy and make an excellent addition to modern, eco-conscious homes, whether as a safety and security asset or a way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

Our range of solar garden lighting solutions is engineered with the latest in solar advancements, with accredited waterproofing protection, remote or auto controls, energy-conservation modes and integrations with Bluetooth or mobile apps for instant device management.

Choose Solight for Solar Garden Lights South Africa

Solight specialises in all things solar, and our garden solar lights are built to last, with attention to detail in every aspect of the design process.

We provide a number of outdoor garden lights, suitable for standalone use or as a lighting display along your property perimeter, landscaping, lawns, outdoor pool or pathways, with options such as:

  • Wall-mounted garden solar lights with auto-sun tracking panels, adjustable spotlights and on/off lighting sensors.
  • Bollard lights with slim, elegant aluminium for wireless outdoor garden lighting that looks stunning placed on contrasting levels.
  • Slimline, contemporary bollard lights with a sleek, angled design for soft lighting, brightening walkways for safety and illuminating darker corners.
  • Curved, modern wall-mounted bracket lights with multiple lighting modes to add a touch of luxury to outdoor space, which works perfectly around climbing plants.

Each of our solar-powered garden lights is fully configured for immediate installation, with no wiring, trenches or electrical connections that may pose a hazard to children or pets – once fitted, your lights function seamlessly, with quality components designed for the outdoors.

Please browse our garden solar lights for more detail about each model, or get in touch for advice from the solar lighting professionals about the best solar lighting fixtures for your garden, patio, deck, driveway, pool or outdoor spaces.