Solar security lighting is superior to conventional cabled lighting in every way. Once installed, a solar security light incurs zero running costs and operates perfectly in all weather conditions without any downtime or lack of reliability associated with the mains grid.

Our comprehensive catalogue of solar security lights provides efficient, cost-effective lighting with professional-grade solar batteries, casings and tamper-resistant fittings.

The absence of wires or cables ensures that a wall or mast-mounted solar security light cannot be vandalised or disconnected from the power supply and functions autonomously for your peace of mind, protecting your property, assets and welfare from unwanted intrusions.

Reliable, Always-On Security Solar Lights

Solight produces a wide range of solar security lights with variable features and performance specifications, depending on the security risks you would like to address or the nature of your premises or home.

Each model within our security lighting range is designed with attention to detail, from advanced waterproof ratings to discreet casings, manual, automated or remote control operation and TCS technology to promote the longest possible battery lifespan.

Solar Security Lighting for Businesses

Business premises are at an increased security risk, with high-value goods and materials an attractive prospect to criminals outside of opening hours.

Automated solar security lights are an effective deterrent and can be programmed to activate immediately when movement is detected.

Wall and mast-mounted security lights can be fitted in any zone, provided there is access to natural sunlight to allow the solar batteries to recharge, and are often installed in:

  • Car parks and staff parking bays
  • Driveways and business entranceways
  • Back entrances and warehousing loading spaces
  • Outdoor storage areas
  • Business perimeters and boundaries

Please contact the experienced solar security lighting team at Solight if you would like independent advice about the best security lights for your premises.

Professional Security Lighting for Homeowners

Solight security lighting is equally beneficial for homeowners, addressing dark spots and access points and flooding them with light to prevent any attempted intrusions from taking place undetected.

Security lights for homes can be fitted in gardens, balconies, pathways, patios, pool areas and driveways, ensuring that you have complete visibility of your property around the clock, with security floodlights activated either on command or by automatic motion detectors.

A professionally manufactured set of solar security lights provides the assurance that even when your home is empty, your lighting will continue to stand guard, with motion sensors capable of detecting movement at distances of up to ten metres.