With so many garden lighting options, many of us know that solar energy is cheaper, more sustainable, and an environmentally-friendly choice. However, here at Solight, we often hear from customers with queries about reliability, quality of light, and whether solar lights are genuinely as efficient as hard-wired installations.

Let’s run through the primary differences between solar lighting and electric lighting to help you make the best decision for your landscape illuminations.

Making Use of Free Energy

The first benefit of choosing Solight is that every product we provide is powered solely by solar energy. That means no wires, no running costs, and no unnecessary energy consumption!

Instead, we harness the power of the sun, which is turned into free energy that then powers our solar lights. This isn’t just easier to install and more cost-effective to run, but avoids ramping up your utility bills and makes use of the incredible power source we see in the sky every day.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Solar lights use solar energy; so they absorb energy from the sun during the day and store that energy in a discreet battery. This offers the optimal efficiency, particularly in South Africa, where we’re lucky enough to enjoy an average of over 2,500 hours of sunlight per year!

When darkness falls, your lights are fully recharged, and ready to provide gentle atmospheric lighting or striking security illuminations.

Running Costs of Garden Lights

One of the most compelling benefits of choosing solar lighting over electric is that Solight installations cost zero to run.

Electricity can be an expensive household bill, and if you run your lights throughout the night, or need the reliable functionality of automatic sensor switches or around the clock security settings, using solar lights reduces a potentially soaring utility bill down to nothing.

Solar energy is clean, and it is free – and so it makes sense to make the best use of that limitless resource rather than paying unnecessarily for mains electricity.

Efficient Solar Lighting

We are proud of our range of landscape lighting, and the powerful performance we deliver alongside contemporary LED lighting and solutions that work automatically to your requirements.

Most electric lights require a manual switch to be used, or a separate timer to be purchased and integrated to automate the timing of your lighting. Especially when your lights are a security or safety feature, that means changing the settings regularly throughout the months of the year.

Additional maintenance requirements include changing bulbs and looking after wiring and cables. In high traffic outdoor spaces or walkways, this can mean frequently replacing damaged wires. Solar lights provide a seamless solution. There are no wires, cables, plugs or switches, and therefore no maintenance costs. We also deliver warranties as standard with every product for your peace of mind.

Automatic switches will activate your solar lights as soon as daylight fades, meaning you won’t ever need to worry about resetting your lights during the winter.

Straightforward Garden Lighting Installations

If you choose electric outdoor lights, you will need:

  • Wiring to connect with a power source
  • Accessible switches and timers if activating form outdoors
  • Security provisions to protect the wires from damage and the elements
  • Safety cabling to safeguard wires from water and rain
  • Access to plugs and main electricity outpoints

For larger outdoor spaces, the installation of cabling can be the most expensive element of creating sufficient light to make your garden usable. Solar lights, in contrast, are powered solely by the sun. There are no messy wires, safety implications or costs involved in the installation – simply decide where you’d like your lights to go!

Flexible options mean that you can place your lights anywhere where direct sunlight reaches the solar panels, and at any level; along the ground, against walls, overhead, and as uplights or downlights.

The Environmental Impact of Solar Lights

As we have discovered, solar energy is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly option when it comes to adding lighting, security features or illuminations to your garden. Every Solight product is low-carbon, which means that the installation of the solar panel built-into the lighting system does not create a carbon footprint.

Renewable energy is a future-proof way to power your home. With carbon by-products being the most harmful emission that damages our climate and contributes to global warming, we are proud to provide truly environmentally friendly solar lights.

High-Quality Landscape Lighting

 Solar lights are available in a wide range of options; you can choose from:

  • Different voltages and intensity of illumination
  • Multiple styles, finishes and designs
  • Placement in any part of your outdoor space where direct sunlight reaches the solar panels, and on any level

The key factor in choosing great solar lighting is efficiency, and we offer a warranty with every product to ensure that your lights will last for the duration without requiring maintenance or replacement. Our solar-energy powered bulbs are designed to be as robust as they are stylish, and provide a durable lighting option that will stand the test of time.

How Reliable is Solar Lighting?

With solar energy being a constant, limitless, and free power supply, it is the most reliable option on the market.

In South Africa, we know that electrical installations are vulnerable to:

  • Unstable electricity supplies
  • Power outages
  • Short and long-term failing electricity

Solar lighting provides the ultimate peace of mind that your garden, outdoor areas, walkways and entranceways will remain safely illuminated all year round.

Why Choose Solar Lighting For Your Garden? 

Here at Solight, we firmly believe that solar energy is an optimal solution for every type of outdoor and security lighting.

It is:

  • Cheaper to install and run
  • Easier and faster to fit
  • Maintenance-free
  • Delivered in attractive, wire-free finishes

Whether you are a solar energy convert or are interested in investing in year-round, durable and outstanding quality lighting, we know that you will see the difference.

Solight’s landscape lighting products provide a wide range of choice and are ideal for upgrading your home security system, bringing ambience to your entertaining space, or helping you make the best use of your garden all year round.