Solar lighting has multiple advantages over conventional systems. In addition to being zero-cost to run and environmentally friendly, a set of solar lights is also a brilliant way to create a stunning outdoor environment.

Here we’ll share how to utilise solar lights to design beautiful outdoor lighting and unique entertaining spaces. For more inspiration and ideas to transform your garden into a softly illuminated dreamscape, please visit the Solight Gallery.

Using Solar Garden Lights for Power-Free Patio Dining

There’s little better than enjoying a relaxing summer evening in the fresh air or making the most of the colder months with a snuggly blanket and cosy solar lights to watch the stars go by.

One of the benefits of solar garden lights is that you can entertain without any concerns about running power cables across the ground or coping with the noise of a generator when you’re trying to socialise.

Solar lights are ideal for homes where:

  • Your garden space, patio or balcony isn’t directly next to a safe power source.
  • You’d like to cater to children or older family members without a tripwire hazard.
  • Your preferred garden lighting doesn’t increase your utility costs each month.
  • You wish to avoid hiring a generator to power your lighting solutions.

Delicate solar garden lights meet every need, with an eco-friendly battery, recharged by natural solar power each day, with no wires or cables to be seen.These garden lights are extremely efficient and don’t require any electrical expertise to install or maintain.

If you’ve ever had a garden party interrupted by a power outage or prefer to harness the power of rechargeable LED lights, a solar lighting system will transform how you use your outside space.

Atmospheric Outdoor Living With Solar Lighting

The ambience is everything when you’re building an outdoor room, ensuring your garden feels comfortable, yet isn’t overly lit with powerful security lights. Our advanced solar lighting models adjust automatically, only turning on when the light becomes dim, so you won’t need to worry about feeling like you’re dining under a spotlight.

Gentle solar lights are highly adaptable, with versatile uses such as:

  • Adding uplighters to create a focal point from property features or water features.
  • Dotting small lights around ponds and pathways.
  • Placing lighting in darker corners and among the foliage creates drama and intrigue.

Fairy-tale solar lights are excellent for creating a wonderland of lighting.  If you love the classic feel of lantern lights, perhaps our Pearl 1 model will fit your brief. For minimalist solar lights with bold lines, great for fire pits and sleek glass balconies, the Mirage 1 solar light is an elegant example.

Garden Parties With Solar Lighting Style

Bright, energetic solar lights are a must-have for party starters, ensuring the festivities can continue long into the night, with glowing illuminations.

Solar lights charge automatically throughout the day and will switch on at dusk, making the transition from day to night a sensory experience for your guests. You can also use the functionality of quality solar security lights to ensure your visitors enjoy every second of the occasion:

  • Sensor lights work well in parking bays or driveways.
  • Well-positioned solar lights can designate areas, perhaps along a drinks bar, dining area, seating and children’s play spaces.
  • Lighting along entryways will ensure new arrivals can confidently walk into the party.

If you wish to relocate your lights for an event, you can move them easily to a different location and then return them after your party, ensuring you create the right atmosphere with no added cost.

Personalised Outdoor Lighting for Garden Areas

Solar garden lights aren’t reserved for big celebrations or homes with expansive lawns – they work equally well in smaller courtyards, patios, decking and balconies. Small, subtle lighting points can make darker seating spots usable year-round and create an inviting area that feels peaceful and tranquil. Enjoying the outdoors has multiple health benefits, and some decorative solar lights make the best of the opportunity for children to play outdoors.

Solar lighting is uniquely functional, with a huge range of applications from adding security to the front of your property, to brightening a dark courtyard or making an outdoor pizza oven a true outdoor kitchen.

Tips for Garden Entertaining

There are a few other things to consider with your solar garden lights if you want to throw a perfect garden party:

  • Music – a good quality sound system is a way to project background music into your outdoor areas without being intrusive or making it difficult to talk.
  • Connectivity – extending your Wi-Fi to the garden makes the space even more useful. You can relax in the shade with your laptop or stream TV to a handheld device to entertain little ones during a summer camping experience.
  • Seating – you can go for casual entertaining with a few blankets dotted on the grass or install high end cushioned seating around a fire pit. If you’d love to recreate the joy of the beach, why not pick up some fun deckchairs for a memorable party style.
  • Warmth – as the weather cools, we’d recommend having plenty of blankets or perhaps a garden heater or fire pit to keep everyone toasty warm throughout the night.
  • Storage – having a waterproof storage container is optimal to keep your garden organised, with all the things you need to hand if the weather takes a sudden change.

Celebrate Safely With Touch-Friendly Solar Lights

Finally, safety and security are always considerations when hosting – you need your guests to have clear sight-lines, particularly when walking around your garden or crossing steps. Outdoor solar lights work seamlessly, even in dim weather conditions, and retain a charge for days at a time, so you don’t run the risk of being plunged into darkness.

Solight solar lighting solutions incorporate enhanced waterproof ratings; tested independently, ensuring your lights work flawlessly, even when the conditions are wet. Solar lighting isn’t mains powered, so doesn’t pose a safety risk for interested children and don’t emit high heat levels that can cause a burn for curious pets.

If you’d like more ideas about creating a relaxed dining space in your garden with solar lights, please visit our Garden Lights shop for more details.