Solar energy is fast becoming the most popular way of providing lighting solutions for modern properties, estates, residential complexes and commercial sites. It is fast to install, zero cost to run, and delivers enhanced reliability with autonomous battery power that will run seamlessly, no matter the weather!

So, isn’t it about time that we considered broader uses of solar lights for our homes? As battery-powered solutions continue to advance, the Solight team is continually working on innovations and how we can use powerful solar energy to create waste-free, eco-friendly installations to bring the benefits of sustainability indoors.

There is a common misconception that these contemporary technologies only apply to outdoor street lighting, security floodlights or garden illuminations. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth, and there are some exciting ways to switch from mains grid power to environmentally sound solar energy with indoor solar lights!

How Does Solar Work Indoors?

We all know that solar energy captures the power from the sun through solar panels. This free, clean energy source is converted into energy through battery systems, retained inside a robust casing to distribute power to LED lighting systems instantly when the sensors identify low light or approaching nightfall.

However, what isn’t so well known is that with versatile designs and elegant lighting systems, there are many ways to leverage this solution to provide year-round, low-cost lighting for our private homes.

There are a few factors that dictate what sort of indoor solar lights are right for your property:

  • Which aspect your property faces. The solar panel can be positioned in any direction, so it’s important to assess where you get the best natural light to ensure there is sufficient solar energy to power your indoor solar lights.
  • The lighting design you would like. There are multiple models, from sleek modern styles to intricate finishes – so it’s essential to think about your interior decor and what lighting installation would best compliment your home.

Fortunately, the possibilities are endless! With a little planning to decide where to install your solar panel, you can benefit from cost-free indoor solar lights that deliver illuminations and ambient light, whether for everyday indoor use or outdoor patios, gardens and walkways.

Can Indoor Solar Lights be Installed in any Property?

They can, yes! Solar energy is a free universal resource.

The Solight team is passionate about finding ways to use this to lower the cost of running our homes, make us all more energy-efficient as a nation, and cut down on reliance on expensive power grids that can fail when we need them most.

One of the most popular indoor solar lights is our Solar Barn Light, so we’ll use this model to explain how the indoor solar lighting system works.

First up, there are two Solar Barn Light options:

  • Uranus Series 20W Barn Lights with a softer LED lighting system suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Uranus Series 40W Barn Lights providing a more powerful 40W LED for larger areas, expansive indoor spaces, or private facilities such as garages, games rooms and pools.

Each of these solar lighting models comes with a separate panel, as well as a remote control. This feature allows you to manage your installations conveniently without needing to programme your lighting solution manually. You can install the solar panel in a suitable spot where there is exposure to natural sunlight, with the stunning linear design light fixture wall mounted in the room or space of your choosing.

These indoor solar lights have been designed to incorporate cutting-edge technology alongside a sleek, graceful design to offer the ultimate solar energy option, which would be affordable and look beautiful in any property.

Packed with features and hidden tech, the Solight Barn Lights include:

  • Flexible mounting systems, up to six or ten metres depending on your preferred model.
  • Polycrystalline solar cells with accredited IP65 waterproof casings.
  • Installation distances between 19 and 26 metres to bring solar energy benefits to properties of all sizes.
  • Between five and six hours at full brightness per charge, with an automatic energy conservation system to ensure your lights work seamlessly even in poor weather.
  • Top-quality aluminium oxidation technology, creating indoor solar lights that will last for years to come, with a full two-year warranty on every set of barn lights.

All of these elements come together to deliver exceptional lighting functionality, with zero running costs and faultless functionality, all remote controlled at your fingertips.

Can I Use Indoor Lights in Any Room of my Home?

Solar energy is as flexible as it comes, so you can incorporate these lighting solutions almost anywhere in your property.

The choice is yours and depends on how powerful your overhead lighting needs to be, how large your property is, and which spaces would benefit from outstanding illuminations.

Many of our valued Solight clients choose solar lights as a lifetime investment. They are ideal for new extensions or renovations to avoid the hassle of laying down wiring, digging outdoor channels, or depending on the mains power grid in areas where this has proven unreliable.

Another excellent benefit is that, once your indoor solar lights are fitted, there are no further costs! You won’t receive a monthly energy bill, don’t need to pay for engineering costs for repairs or breakdowns, and can expect your Li-ion batteries to operate perfectly for 1,500+ cycles (just over 12 years, at an average of three days per cycle!).

Some of the most popular rooms to install indoor solar lighting in include places where robust solutions are necessary or where a broader layout requires an advanced system that would require multiple traditional bulbs:

  • Indoor pools, conservatories and relaxation spaces.
  • Home gyms and recreational areas.
  • Garages and playrooms.
  • Private courtyards, storage spaces and outdoor pools.
  • Workrooms, home offices and studios.

The joy of beautiful lighting is that it can enhance any space, bringing it into use throughout the day or night. Whether that’s a children’s play area in the garden, a studio for working, yoga or music practise space, or an indoor pool, your indoor solar lights bring ambience, robust lighting, and reliability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Get in touch with Solight for more advice about indoor solar lighting solutions and which options we would recommend for your home.