Garden spaces are important for families with pets and children, offering all the benefits of fresh air and the freedom to explore.

However, they can be fraught with hazards – one of these being wires and electricity points powering outdoor lighting. Professional outdoor solar lighting however brings harmony to any backyard, eliminating the worry of ensuring children can play safely.

Solar garden lights are the ultimate family security feature. They’re a must-have for parents (of little ones or furry friends) looking for eco-friendly solutions to make gardens, patios or courtyards a safe place.

How to Make Your Garden Pet-Friendly With Solar Lighting

First, let’s talk about pets. Whether you are the proud owner of an elegant feline or parent of a bouncy pup, they’ll doubtless love little more than spending time outside. The big issue with pets is that while the great outdoors is a brilliant place to explore, there are all sorts of ways for animals to get themselves into trouble.

While our pets are adept at seeing in the dark, they don’t always understand dangers before it’s too late.

As pet owners ourselves, here are some of the simple, effortless ways we’ve found to install touch-safe solar lights to keep our family pets safe and secure when they’re venturing out:

  • Automated solar lights – installed by gateways or riskier areas, an automatic sensor provides an instant alert if your pet is in a space you’d rather they steered clear of.
  • Perimeter lighting – if you have a naughty pet, it’s possible they like to escape from time to time, a stressful experience if you live near a roadway. Perimeter lighting can be set on a timer or automated so you can recall your pet if there’s a risk that they are making a break for freedom.
  • Security lighting – while many pets are cats or dogs, you might have any small furry or reptile who likes to roam outside! Security lighting is an excellent precaution to stop digging under fences, exploring sheds with potentially toxic substances, or becoming trapped in water features.

The joy of solar lighting is that it runs autonomously, with no connections to mains power or electricity points. Even if a pet chews or dislodges a solar light garden feature, there is no risk that they will become injured or hurt as a result.

Take a look at our extensive range of Solar Garden Lights for inspiration – or get in touch if you’d like advice about the best solar lighting solutions for your garden.

The Benefits of Solar Lighting for Families With Young Children

Next, we’ll think about children. Little ones are naturally curious, and while we’d love for kids to explore without restriction, it’s vital to ensure our gardens are as secure as possible.

Solar garden lights are great for creating ambience, stylish entertaining spaces, and creative outdoor areas, but they have multiple hidden practicalities that provide profound benefits for parents, carers and guardians. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be utilitarian to enhance garden safety.

Some of the best-selling Solight ranges include discreet yet powerful lighting solutions such as our chic Mirage 1 model, with a pack of two slender, aluminium alloy lights that provide a beautiful glow.

There are countless reasons solar lights are a wise investment for families:

  • Flood tricky paths and gravel walkways with light to help small ones navigate safely.
  • Help adults keep a watchful eye even in dim weather conditions.
  • Avoid the dangers of any wiring hazards or exposed powerpoints – this is especially crucial on rainy days!

Every Solight garden light runs from professional-grade solar recharging batteries, reliant only on the sun to retain their impressive illuminations. Advanced technical casing materials are designed to resist high temperatures, be water-resistant, and are entirely touch-safe with cool LED bulbs, removing any risk of burns. Our SUS304 corrosion resistant fittings also ensure your outdoor lighting solutions remain rust free.

It’s a great idea to use your outdoor lighting to make a feature, with opportunities to design gorgeous play zones usable all year round.

Check out the Solar Garden Light ESL-25 for an example of an easy solution that you can slot in flower beds and around lawns with zero hassle.

Garden Lighting Dual Security Features

We often focus on outdoor lighting as a security option and a way to ensure our garages and parking bays are properly visible. However, solar lights provide multiple benefits and add a layer of security to garden spaces of any size to ensure they’re safe for all the family.

Any moving part, pond pump, outbuilding light or set of twinkling fairy lights can be dangerous if wiring begins to erode or batteries are exposed to the elements. It’s therefore well worth looking at the quality and properties of any battery-powered or mains connected features in your garden to be confident they won’t deliver a nasty shock.

Our remote control options increase efficiency with programming settings, so you can choose between automatic day and night switches or remote management when your garden is in use. Remote operations work from up to five metres away, so they are easy to control from indoors or seating areas while your children play.

As parents and pet owners, we’re delighted to offer an extensive range of the highest quality solar lighting designs in SA. We are passionate about the environmental benefits available, as well as the ability to help make your outside spaces more enjoyable for all.

Please get in touch with the Solight team at your convenience to discuss the ideal safety lights for your garden, balcony, terrace or courtyard. Alternatively, shop with us online to discover some of the many models available to ensure your backyard is an area you can make the most of.