Entrance lights offer multiple functions, each of which can make your home cosier, more inviting, and safer.

  • Ambient porch lights highlight the front of your home.
  • Lighting avoids slips or trips on steps or doorways.
  • Criminals are deterred from targeting well-lit properties, and those with security lights.

There are also so many ways to incorporate entrance lighting into the appearance of your home – whether that’s opting for up-lighters to illuminate flower beds or having motion sensors, so your lights spring into action to welcome you home.

Here we’re going to explore the concept of security lighting – and how to choose the right solutions to ensure your home is kept safe and well-lit even when you aren’t present.

If you’d like any further help identifying the ideal entrance lights for your property, please get in touch with the solar lighting experts at Solight for tips and suggestions!

Outdoor Lighting to Improve Home Security

Outdoor lighting is proven to reduce the risk of a break-in, vandalism or theft.

The simplicity of this solution belies the power of having clearly lit properties, which are far less appealing to prospective criminals.

Here’s why:

  • Motion sensors provide immediate alerts that someone is on the property.
  • Lighting indicates that somebody is likely to be home.
  • Burglars will avoid places where you can easily see them.
  • Entrance lighting improves the performance of CCTV.
  • Security lights intimate that other safety precautions will be in place.
  • A well-protected property is often a trickier prospect, with alarms and robust locks.

In short, a criminal will look for homes without any visible security systems, where they can break in without being seen, and in places that they aren’t at risk of being caught. Of course, it’s also vital to consider how you’d like your property to look and feel and having lighting that reflects the style you’re after.

Solight entrance lights come in a broad range of designs and fittings, with advanced functionality meeting the need for advanced security lights – without turning your front yard into a glaring floodlit area that will prevent you catch a good night’s sleep!

The Benefits of Solar Entrance Lighting as a Security System

We’ve established that lights can be a great deterrent – but should you opt for hard-wired security lights or a solar-powered solution?

As a lighting team passionate about the environment, we’re always going to opt for solar. And you should too because there are excellent advantages in terms of running costs, reliability and durability.

Some of the reasons we’d recommend solar lighting for home security include:

Cost-Effective Outdoor Lighting

Solar energy is abundant, and it’s free! If you’ve ever received a bit of a shock when you get your electricity bill, you’ll appreciate how much of a cost-saving solar lights can offer.

Electricity costs can quickly ramp up, especially during darker winter months when you’re likely to be using your entrance lights more often. In contrast, a solar security light system will cost zero in energy charges.

Higher Security Light Functionality

Our focus is on premium quality that lasts. As a result, each Solight package includes outstanding functionality, designed to operate seamlessly and with minimal manual controls.

That can consist of:

  • Automated switching on and off.
  • Sensors detecting the light conditions.
  • Immediate recharging through solar panels.
  • Motion detectors and switch sensors.
  • Reduced light output to preserve battery life.

Your entrance lights operate precisely as you need them to – whether that’s turning on and off at pre-programmed times of day, switching on whenever a sensor is activated or providing night-time lighting even in the worst winter weather.

Reliable Home Safety

Criminals will always look for opportunities to circumvent home security systems. Unfortunately, that means cutting a cable to disable an entrance light solution is far from rare.

Solar lights aren’t just faster and easier to install, without any digging, wiring or drilling. They’re also tamper-proof, with commercial-grade casings and no wires to speak of, so they cannot be switched off or rendered redundant with a simple pair of wire snips.

What are the Best Entrance Lights for Home Security?

So, we’ve discovered some of the key benefits to using solar home entrance lights, why they are superior to conventional wired lights, and how this option can be a great way to safeguard the integrity of your home!

The next question is – which lights should you choose?

Again, this depends on the curb appeal you’re aiming for, but we’ll showcase some of our most popular options below.

Best For: Large Gardens or Entranceways

Solar Barn Light Uranus Series: This barn light has dual functionality, with a separate solar panel – that means you can install it even in properties facing away from direct sunlight, capturing solar power from the best position around your home!

The wide lighting area is ideal for broader driveways, gardens or patios, with 40W LED illuminations and a durable IP65 waterproof casing that will withstand the wildest weather.

Best For: Discreet Home Security Lighting

Looking for something a little smaller? How about the Solar Wall Light Mars 2?

This adjustable wall light is perfect for entrance lighting and installed on a wall or fence of your choosing.

Automatic day and night switches and three lighting modes make the Mars 2 flexible, with the capacity to be programmed according to your security requirements.

Best For: Remote Controlled Home Solar Lights

Finally, we’ll introduce the Courtyard Solar Light – a slick and contemporary design with intelligent security lighting features and remote control access.

Our courtyard lights remain a best seller and can be mounted on a wall or pole, with elevated floodlights to ensure your property remains protected from a height. Again, we’ve added automated switches, a quality Polycrystalline solar cell battery, and a full two-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Give us a call for more information about any of the security or home entrance lights featured here or to explore more options from our extensive range.