Solight is delighted to be a market-leading solar lighting business here in South Africa – and our mission is about more than quality products, value for money, and increasing security.

We are passionate about the environment, the earth where we live, and providing sustainable alternatives to contribute towards the drive for greener energy, and smaller carbon footprints. Solar energy has long been recognised as a solution to many of the harmful by-products produced by fossil fuels, and also more attainable for communities outside of the scope of mains power grids.

Let’s consider the scale of the challenge we face and how we can all play a valuable part if every household switches their outdoor lighting to solar alternatives.

The Green Energy Initiative – the Stats

Whichever way we look at it, the world is in trouble. Greenhouse gases, climate change, global warming – it’s all related to how we power our lives, and the emissions we produce as a result.

It might seem that individually, we can’t make that much of a difference; but we absolutely can!

A Forbes Advisor report a couple of months back estimated that:

  • Every home installing solar panels saves up to 1.6 tonnes of carbon a year.
  • Solar power contributes energy to the mains grids, and therefore less electricity is required, and energy costs of running your home reduce, and overall we need to burn less fuel to power the same number of homes.
  • The individual cost of converting a home to solar power is recouped within around 15 years.

These figures were based on data from the UK, where sunlight is far less plentiful, so imagine the impact if every home in South Africa made that switch…

In our nation, coal remains the primary energy source, with 95% of urban homes and 92% of rural properties connected to the grid. It is fantastic that 8% of our power is produced through solar energy and wind farms, but we could significantly ramp up those numbers.

Every year, the world releases around 36 billion tonnes of emissions into our delicate atmosphere. Should the 16.7 million residential homes in SA switch to solar energy, we’d reduce that by approximately 26.72 million tonnes. Imagine if every business and corporation got on board, what a difference we could make!

Perhaps it seems like a drop in the ocean, but collective efforts are always worth more than the sum of their parts.

This is why we believe so strongly in the long-term sustainability of solar lights, long-lasting and high-performance solar energy products that surpass the reliability of any other independent lighting system!

Environmentally Friendly Credentials of Solar Lights

Every energy source has pros and cons, and it’s essential to recognise where the solar energy sector can do better, and be better.

There are multiple benefits to using solar lights, including powering homes and businesses:

  • Reducing energy usage from mains grids means that total power output demands are reduced. This makes electricity more reliable for other users, decreases the pressure on energy firms to burn fuels, and costs us less too!
  • Solar energy produces zero emissions. Net-zero is the highest standard for a carbon footprint calculation. It means that we offset everything we do that produces emissions, through counteracting actions to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Installing solar panels on a home can reduce your carbon footprint by 80%, in just 12 months.
  • Renewable energy is the ideal since it doesn’t expire, run out, require mining, and there is an unlimited supply. The sun is set to be around for a few billion years, so the more appliances that rely on solar power, the fewer fossil fuels are burnt, and the less the damage to the atmosphere.
  • Premium solar lights last for years at a time and require minimal maintenance. Check out Solight’s information on our quality standards, and how we focus on advanced design and premium materials to develop solar lights expected to last over a decade!

On the flip side, there are a few ways in which manufacturers can improve solar energy. Solar farms take up a lot of agricultural space, so using autonomous solar energy appliances leaves less of a mark on the landscape.

Quality standards can make a tremendous difference here!

  • Efficient batteries can store more solar power, and therefore perform better during the night. Powerful batteries last longer, reducing landfill waste.
  • Casing materials accredited to independent standards also last longer, meaning that outdoor solar products are protected from the elements and do not become a disposable waste product.
  • Smart sensors can distribute stored energy intelligently, reducing ambience from solar lights during long periods of bad weather, for example, to ensure they stay operational for longer.

While there is still work to do, it is clear that solar energy can resolve multiple problems, and has the power to reduce our impact on the planet substantially.

Why Quality Solar Power is The Future

When we purchase solar lighting, we expect it to last for years to come – cheaply manufactured lighting appliances contribute to landfill, increase battery waste and can cause more harm than good.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and upholding the most diligent quality standards has helped us build a reputation for excellence; something we are proud of.

What that means for our customers is that selecting a premium Solight lighting system isn’t only a smart investment, but also pays returns over the years. Solar lighting crafted to provide high-quality lighting is cost-effective, requires no running expenses, and prevents landfill waste when lower quality products reach the end of their life span.

Remember that solar energy is a diverse power source, and isn’t limited solely to outdoor lighting!

  • Solar heating panels can provide home cooking and heating, including hot water.
  • Extraction techniques powered by the sun are used to remove salt from seawater and make it safe to consume.
  • We can replace electricity with solar energy panels and battery stores.

Outdoor solar lights are among the many ways we can innovate and use contemporary technology to transform the way we live, and the impact we have on the planet.

At Solight, our mission is to contribute positively towards that movement and strive continuously to develop, hoping that we can all work together to live more consciously, more sustainably, and more ethically.