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Functionality and design are at the forefront when choosing the Camps Bay solar street light with PIR motion sensor. The battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects the Lithium battery in high temperature and prolongs the life span. ALS  technology offers of 10 days of continuous lightning even on a rainy day. The 30w solar street light unit can be mounted as high as 5m with remote control for different lighting modes.

  • Pole Mounted
  • Mounting Height 3M – 6M
  • Auto day/night switch with remote control
  • Lighting modes: X3
    • 120 Lumens with 3000 Lumen motion sensor
    • 240 Lumens with 3000 Lumen motion sensor
    • 400 Lumens for 5 hours thereafter 80 Lumens with 3000 Lumens motion sensor
  • Material: Aluminium alloy + PC
  • Solar Cell: Polycrystalline
  • Battery: Li-ion battery 3.7V38 48WH 2.6AH/PC with +1500 cycles
  • Waterproof: IP65/IK10
  • Core Technology: ALS2.1/ TCS 1.0
  • LED Power: 30 W
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Warranty: 2 years


202 in stock


The Camps Bay solar street light is very effective and bright. Functionality and design are at the forefront when choosing the Camps Bay solar street light with a PIR sensor. The battery temperature and control technology (TCS) protects the Lithium battery at high temperatures and prolongs the life span. ALS technology offers 10 days of continuous lightning even on a rainy day. The 30w unit can be mounted as high as 5m with remote control for different lighting modes.

Solar Street Light Features:

  • Auto day/night switch means the light turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically
  • Remote control with various settings
  • Lithium-ion battery built-in with over 1500+ cycles – over 10 years lifespan
  • 400 Lumen constant for 5 hours with 3000 lumen PIR fully charged stepping down to 80 lumens constant for the remainder of the night
  • Aluminium alloy + PC
  • IP65 Waterproof

Solar Street Light Specifications:

  • Core Technology: 0/ TCS
  • LED Power: 30 W
  • Pole Mounted
  • Mounting height of 3.5m
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

What’s in the Solar Street Light Box:

  • 1 x Solar Light Complete
  • 1 x Remote Control



What Is the Benefit of Installing Solar Street Lights?

Street lights are used throughout public infrastructure, as well as in private developments such as residential estates, industrial parks and facilities like car parks.

The challenge for many planners and developers is that as energy costs have soared and demand for more sustainable solutions has grown, outdated cabled electricity is less viable than it once was.

Another issue is that, particularly in more rural areas, reliance on the mains power grid is ineffective, where regular blackouts and outages can impact pedestrian and road user safety and the satisfaction of service users who cannot depend on street lights to remain functional as dusk falls.

The lower installation costs, maintenance requirements, environmental efficiency and volatility of solar street lighting make it a fantastic solution; whether you replace one cabled lighting unit at a time as older lights begin to fail, need a future-proof solution for a development that is already underway, or need to find better options to help your town, estate or region achieve a lower carbon footprint.

How Does Solar Lighting Impact the Environment?

For commercial and public sector users, the primary goal might be to reduce energy bills and power consumption, provide solar lighting that meets the needs of the local community, or select efficient, autonomous lighting that is powered solely by the sun.

Others may consider alternative aspects such as light pollution, the long-term cost profile of a solar street light vs repairing or replacing a wired lighting system and what it might cost to keep solar lights working perfectly.

The environmental outcomes are compelling – choosing to replace 15 street lighting units can preserve the same amount of power needed to run an electric car for a whole year, presenting an easy and fast way to demonstrate environmental responsibility while ensuring the mains power grid can supply enough energy for all other resources within the area.

One solar panel that can operate to full capacity in direct sunlight can generate as much as 250 watts of energy every hour of the day – helping businesses and townships meet carbon reduction goals, reducing the use of damaging fossil fuels, and contributing to governmental targets.

Installation Costs for Electrical vs Solar Street Lighting

While the substantially lower costs of solar power over conventional energy are well known, we often speak with procurement teams and estate planners concerned about whether solar-powered lights will cost more to install.

We’d always recommend a commercial-grade road lighting solution for any project on this scale since it is imperative your solar panels are of the right configuration and standard to remain functional for years to come – with one premium-quality solar panel and battery often expected to last over a decade.

Onto the installation costs, and it is far more economical to fit a street lighting system that is powered by solar panels since you do not need to contract an electrician, dig trenches for wiring and cabling, turn off live electricity during the installation process, fit pole-mounted wiring, junction boxes or relay systems.

Rather, each unit is ready to deploy, meaning it simply needs to be erected or positioned in the appropriate place, with the solar panel then prepared to charge and begin providing year-round lighting.

In-built solar batteries within each solar street light act to conserve energy throughout the day, with advanced features that ensure batteries cannot overheat or stop working in cold or wet conditions. Our Camps Bay light is equipped, as are most models in the Solight range, with ALS technology and automatic day and night sensors.

That means your solar lighting works independently and automatically, with remote control functionality should it be required, and with a remarkable ten days of continuous lighting capacity even during overcast and rainy weather.

Solar Panel Street Lighting and Road Safety Considerations

We’ve briefly mentioned the importance of renewable energy solar panels for pedestrian and road user safety – and this factor should never be overlooked.

LED light fixtures produce less glare than standard bulbs, which is key for drivers and commercial vehicles. These lights are called ‘unidirectional’ – they don’t radiate light across an uncontrolled area like a filament bulb, which means a better standard of illumination in the required zone, with reduced light pollution and more targeted lighting.

Another positive aspect of LED light is that it emits zero heat, which means a safer environment, a longer lifespan of each lighting unit, and heavily reduced safety issues where road lighting is potentially accessible to members of the public.

Car park planners commonly opt for solar lighting since the crisp nature of LED lighting aids with security – for instance, ensuring that security surveillance cameras can capture good quality footage or detect suspicious movement even during the darkest winter months.

From a roadway management perspective, the knowledge that solar power is continuously available, a cost-free resource and invulnerable to power cuts is a considerable advantage. There is no likelihood that street lights in high-risk zones or accident blackspots will fail to operate, causing extreme increases in the risks of using a busy or high-speed access route.

Selecting the Right Solar Lighting Solution for Your Estate or Development

The Solight team provides access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and often consults with planners and developers who need a reliable, low-cost way to maintain excellent lighting standards year-round.

Our extensive range of solar street lights is fully powered by the sun and offers a number of favourable outcomes, from being fast and low-cost to install, requiring almost no maintenance, and lasting for years without any need to replace batteries or bulbs.

Choosing the solar lighting systems aligned with your objectives may be complex, and many buyers consider features, functionality, accredited quality standards, environmental impacts and the aesthetic appearance of a new solar street lighting network – and whether this conforms with the style of their development.

We are always happy to assist and can help you navigate the world of solar lighting with ease, ensuring your street lights are dependable, enhance community safety, and showcase your focus on the environment and local ecosystems while being a practical and efficient solution.


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