Solar landscape lighting can make a profound difference to the appeal, usage and safety of outdoor spaces, whether used to illuminate pathways and water features in public parks, allow children to use play areas into the evenings, or add interest and aesthetics to private gardens.

Solight produces a carefully selected range of professional solar landscape lights, each model designed for performance, longevity, and durability, operating for years with advanced solar batteries that work perfectly in all weather conditions.

Our landscape solar lights include billboard lights and spotlights to highlight notice boards, signposts and wayfinding directions, and wall or mast-mounted landscape lights for gentle lighting to boost visibility around pathways and entrance gates.

Solar Landscape Lights for Parks and Gardens

Landscape lighting is used extensively in estate management, public spaces and outdoor venues but can be unreliable, costly, and difficult to maintain.

Solight has spent years perfecting the design of each of our solar landscape lights, using our expertise in solar power, technical knowledge and creative flair to combine beauty with functionality.

Among our most popular solar landscape lights, we feature minimalistic, aluminium alloy lighting poles and stylised solar landscape lights to reflect heritage design, yet with the most advanced modern performance features.

Each model is accompanied by a professional Solight warranty, and our solar lighting specialists will be happy to recommend models, ideal placement positions or solar cell batteries best suited to your requirements.

A premium landscape solar light can provide up to ten full days of lighting time, even during overcast conditions when the battery cannot recharge and includes advanced features such as tapered standby lighting for optimal performance.

The Benefits of Using Landscape Solar Lights

Solar batteries provide a significant cost-efficiency, with multiple advantages over traditional cabled lighting.

One of the primary benefits for larger outdoor spaces is that wired landscape lighting can be extremely expensive to operate, and entire lighting systems are rendered redundant during power blackouts.

Another is that installing a network of landscape lights requires considerable groundwork to create electricity power connections, normally underground, that have the requisite safeguards to protect public users from a hazard when cabling becomes damaged or worn.

Solar landscape lights provide exceptional efficiency with low-maintenance designs, long-life commercial-grade batteries, wire-free installations, and zero ongoing running costs.

Alongside their eco-friendly credentials, minimal carbon footprint and sustainability, a set of solar landscape lights can transform parklands and gardens into warm, inviting and safe spaces all year round.

Landscape Lighting for Residential Properties

While landscape lights are highly effective solutions for broader estate lighting, parklands and communal play spaces, they are also a fantastic addition to patios and gardens, introducing a wealth of light and illuminations throughout entertaining areas and around pools or ponds where water creates a hazard for children and pets.

Placing ground lights level with water features or adjacent to an uneven path is a simple way to boost the usability of garden areas and ensure garden furniture and other facilities around your property remain visible even during dark evenings.

Outdoor lamps can add interest and dimension to planted areas, trees and shrubbery, be used to install low running-cost and minimal-maintenance lighting around garden sports areas such as football nets and basketball hoops and have a dual purpose as security lights, activated immediately when the smart sensors detect movement.

With an expansive range of styles to suit every property and taste, Solight’s catalogue of landscape lights makes a perfect addition to your garden with powerful outside lights with the capacity and longevity to last.

Key Features to Look for in Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar garden lights from Solight are technologically advanced outdoor lighting units, with cutting-edge design specificity in every component, from casings to LED bulbs, low-carbon solar recharging panels to durable frames, anchorage points and masts.

Some of the best features to prioritise in garden lights or security lighting for your house include:

  • Automatic day/night switches that respond immediately to changes in the natural brightness depending on the weather conditions and time of day or night.
  • IP-rated waterproofing – an accreditation that verifies outdoor lights are suited to long-term usage in an exterior setting.
  • Extended professional warranties, assuring you that any outdoor wall lights or security lights that do not perform as expected will be promptly repaired or replaced.
  • Patented ALS (adaptive lighting system) technology, with sensors that adapt patio lights to how dark the surroundings are.
  • Temperature control system (TCS) performance, protecting your outdoor lighting units from overheating, and extending the life cycle of your solar battery.
  • Variable angles allowing you to adjust the garden lighting direction or focal point.
  • Multi-cycle batteries that can function for years without losing their core performance capability.

If you would like any guidance in selecting the ideal landscape lighting styles for your property, please do not hesitate to contact the solar lighting experts at Solight for our recommendations.