Passive safety systems are a proactive way to protect yourself from unlawful entry, theft or accidents – like a safeguard that’s always there when you need it, rather than a reaction to an incident that’s already happened.

There are countless benefits to a passive safety approach:

  • Deterring crime
  • Preventing accidents
  • Peace of mind
  • Reducing exposure to costs
  • Lessening the outcome of any occurrences
  • Mitigating your liability

Although we understand that it can be difficult to justify investing in safety when nothing has (yet) happened, it’s often the most cost-effective strategy.

Business Tech reports that although total reported crimes in South Africa were down 3.3% in the 2021/22 year, the most prevalent still include property robberies, carjacking and thefts from vehicles.

The Benefits of Security Lights as a Crime Deterrent

The vast majority of criminals actively search for properties – commercial and residential – where they stand the lowest possible risk of being detected. Likewise, a parked vehicle is in substantially greater danger if parked in a dark, shadowy spot, away from view.

Lighting won’t necessarily stop an intruder in their tracks if they have already established that there is nobody home. However, they will make it improbable that your site will become a target to start with when there are millions of homes and businesses without any passive security measures.

With solar security lighting you don’t need to programme your lighting system manually – motion detectors will automatically activate whether or not you are at home. You get a year-round, always-on security guard 24/7 to shine a light on any movements around your property. Visibility is key because an intruder won’t risk being caught (even if they are certain a property is unoccupied) when they know that CCTV, neighbours or patrols will pick up any activity.

How Effective Are Security Lights at Preventing Theft?

A set of high-functioning security lights are affordable, lifting the cloak of darkness that makes it easy to check locks, see if windows are shut, and look for accessible ways into a vehicle or property. Some of the most common robberies occur in outbuildings, garages and sheds, away from residences or businesses where an alert is likely to be raised.

CPNI (the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) published a study back in 2015 that found:

  • Glare lighting directly illuminates an intruder, making it difficult for them to see what is facing them.
  • Illuminated perimeters permit the observation of intruders or criminal damage.
  • Criminal activity reduces by up to 30% with adequate lighting.

Of course, if you are in a particularly high crime area, you may wish to incorporate other systems into your security – primarily safety locks, CCTV and alarm systems. However, standard residential CCTV rarely works well without a set of motion-detector security lights, so most providers will recommend a lighting system to backup any other hardware installed.

Why Are Solar Security Lights the Most Effective Way to Protect Your Property?

Now we’ve looked at the efficacy of security lighting, and why it provides a demonstrable crime deterrent, the next question is – which security lights offer the greatest benefits?

Solight is the leading supplier of professional-grade solar lighting in South Africa, and we know that solar lights are highly preferable.

The most common reason people avoid fitting security lights is cost. Installation, wiring, and ongoing energy bills quickly add up. This year, we’re also experiencing a far greater frequency of power cuts. In April, a report from Reuters clarified that breakdowns accounted for 15,500 MW of offline capacity, a shocking 33% of the national grid. A further 5,000 MW (just over 11%) of electricity supplies were planned to be temporarily shut down for maintenance works as part of scheduled power outages.

Combined utility costs and lack of reliability mean that conventional hardwired security systems cannot operate continuously. They will cease to work during maintenance issues, poor weather, or the planned power cuts we’ve just mentioned. Those factors mean that solar lights are a significantly more affordable solution, offering long-term reliability and outstanding value for money.

Why Are Solar Powered Security Lighting Solutions Advantageous?

Solar lights, as we know, are powered by natural sunlight.

Our exceptional batteries across our range of Security Lights come with unbeatable longevity, which means they continually recharge and operate flawlessly for years. For example, both the Courtyard Light and MARS 5 Solar Wall Lights have Li-ion batteries sufficient for up to 1,500+ cycles – equivalent to over 12 years of performance.

Other features such as IP65 independent waterproof ratings ensure that your solar security lights are cost-free for the duration of their use and precision-engineered to remain functional in the worst weather conditions.

The installation process couldn’t be simpler without drilling, digging, piping or wires, which are exposed to tampering and vandalism along with additional cost considerations.

How to Choose the Right Solar Security Lights

If you’re unsure which solar security lights to choose, this quick guide explains the features that determine the best systems for your home!

  • Floodlights or barn lights such as the Uranus Series are ideal where you need brighter illuminations and a wider, more powerful beam to protect an entrance, pathway or garden.
  • Wall-mounted lights are usually more ambient but still an excellent security measure and can be used in gardens or as a porch light. The MARS 3 is one of our best-selling wall-mounted security lights.
  • Mast-mounted lighting is perfect for broader spaces or where you wish to ensure your lights are far out of reach – our Camps Bay model is suitable for installation up to six metres high.
  • Motion-sensor lights use a PIR (passive infrared) sensor, activated by heat or movement. One of the best outdoor security measures, they reduce battery usage by operating only when there is motion. Many of our security lights come with PIR technology, including the MARS 2 Solar Wall Light.

This information demonstrates why solar lights are a superior option for security and showcases some of the ideal installations, depending on your property, layout and key concerns.

Please contact the Solight team at your convenience if you would like any further guidance about security lighting, our outdoor models, or finding the optimal protection for your home or business.