Holiday homes and second property investments can be an amazing way to earn a second income, take spontaneous trips, or make the most of your weekends. However, there is a fine balance between keeping your holiday home warm, well lit and comfortable, and spending a substantial amount maintaining a property you use infrequently.

Have you explored the potential of solar lighting to reduce your running costs, mitigate security risks, and provide the ideal system to ensure your holiday home is ready to use whenever you wish?

Eco Solar Lighting Applications in Holiday Properties

A primary reason so many landlords opt for solar lighting is that it’s a zero-cost form of power and improves the energy-efficiency rating of a property.

While an efficiency assessment might not be fundamental if you own a private holiday home, you’ll undoubtedly want to minimise your carbon footprint and avoid creating unnecessary power usage if you don’t need to. In Europe, high-energy light bulbs are being phased out of the market altogether, which isn’t surprising when we know that 17.5% of all global power usage goes to lighting homes.

Solar lights adjust their illuminations depending on the daylight, so they won’t expend excess energy where it isn’t needed. One professional-grade solar light will last as long as 25 standard light bulbs.

Solar lighting optimises efficiency, costing nothing to recharge the batteries during the day, providing reliable, continual illuminations throughout the hours of darkness.

As a hugely effective way to cut your holiday property running costs down, you can relax knowing that, even if you don’t have any trips planned, there won’t be any expensive utility bills arriving on your doormat.

The Benefits of Holiday Home Solar Security Lighting

Another crucial factor in owning a holiday property is that if your second residence is regularly empty, it automatically becomes a target for criminals.

Solight Security Lights are perfectly suited to holiday homes, engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and provide a layer of safety to empty properties.

Advantages to fitting a security light, such as our Mars 3 Solar Wall Light, include:

  • Reduced risk of break-ins due to continual lighting, indicating that the property is occupied.
  • Immediate floodlight activation whenever movement is detected.
  • Increased security for occupants in your holiday home, with intruders and vandals deterred by the obvious presence of a high-performance security system.

Even the appearance of a security light may be sufficient to protect your holiday home when you are absent, with the association with surveillance cameras and other sensors.

Solar lights outperform conventional safety lighting at every step, without the exposure to downtime if the mains power grid experiences an outage, or the risk of criminal tampering, rendering even the most sophisticated wired lighting redundant.

Long-Life Solar Lights to Reduce Holiday Home Running Costs

As we’ve mentioned, a solar light is not linked to the power grid – it won’t consume any electricity, nor will it stop working during a power cut.

Our extensive range of Estate Lights are perfect for holiday homes, providing additional access safety while cutting down on the costs of maintaining a second property. Solar lights are superior holiday home lighting solutions due to several intelligent functions and properties:

  • Your solar lights require very little maintenance and are intended to last for years due to their built in lithium-ion battery – you won’t need to replace bulbs or deal with any wiring repairs when visiting your holiday home for the first time in a season.
  • Our long-life solar batteries come with independently accredited IP65 waterproof ratings, so they work flawlessly year-round, even in the wettest of weather.

The advantage for holiday property owners who rent out their homes is substantial. You won’t need to travel to your accommodation whenever a new tenant arrives to check the lighting is functional or provide back-up generators to prepare for potential power outages.

Diverse Holiday Home Solar Lighting Options

Solar lights have a huge range of benefits – and you can position them around your holiday property, including outdoors, in driveways, around footpaths and in porches.

Unlike indoor bulbs, solar lighting doesn’t produce heat and isn’t vulnerable to the weather, so it works faultlessly on hot summer days or frosty winter nights. Your outdoor solar lights make outdoor spaces usable year-round, helping you enjoy the fresh air and relax with garden parties, braais and quiet evenings without being chased inside by the shadows.

Garden Solar Lights add a touch of elegance and beauty to decking, patios, lawns and balconies, so you can even maximise the potential rental value of your holiday home by creating seating areas and fire pits – which won’t cost anything to run.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Holiday Home Solar Lights

Of course, the other consideration in all of this is that a top-quality Solight solar lighting system may, initially, cost a little more than a few spare light bulbs, but it’s an investment that will pay returns.

The best way to make decisions about upgrading your holiday home lighting is to evaluate each aspect:

  • How much are you spending per month on electricity for your lighting systems?
  • Do you have a risk of criminal intrusions and thefts that security lighting could prevent?
  • Does your holiday home insurance provider reduce premiums for properties with proactive security lighting in place?
  • Do you know how much it costs a year to replace bulbs, address wiring issues, or run back-up power generators during power outages in intermittent areas?

Our solar lights are engineered for excellence, lasting for years at a time with no servicing, no repairs, no replacement parts, and no utility costs.

In just a few months, the convenience and efficiency of an eco-friendly holiday home solar lighting system will pay for itself – and make spending time at your second home something you can enjoy in a gentle, solar-lit glow.