Excellent quality solar wall lights are engineered with multiple features and components to support long-term usage and durability.

As a specialist supplier of premium solar lighting solutions, Solight offers wall light sets with commercial-grade solar batteries with a lifespan of as long as ten years and above – providing excellent value and the assurance of low-carbon, sustainable lighting that will stand the test of time.

Let’s walk through some of the technical aspects of wall lighting to look for and explain how the functionality of precision-engineered lighting withstands even the worst of weather conditions.

Picking Durable Solar Wall Lights for Long-Term Usage

The first point to make is that there is a diverse array of solar lighting solutions out there, and they are not created equal. It is common to choose a set of wall lights discounted from the original price or to assume that all solar panels and batteries are comparable – making price the primary decision-making factor.

Unfortunately, there is a substantial variance between a professionally manufactured set of high-quality lights that have been independently tested to accredited standards and a cheap lighting unit that will stop functioning after a short period.

Our solar wall lights contain a multitude of performance-enhancing features within a sleek casing that can provide a contemporary feel for luxury outdoor spaces or a more traditional design for homes with vintage charm. Those features include:

  • Automated sensors and step-down lighting for battery preservation.
  • Sunlight tracking to maximise recharging speeds.
  • ALS (Adaptive Lighting System) tech to adjust lighting intensities.
  • TCS (Temperature Control System) technology to prevent battery overheating.
  • IP-rated outer casings to guarantee protection from water ingress.

We’ll clarify what these properties mean in terms of longevity shortly, but if you’d like a set of wall lights that will provide the best possible value, it’s important to select a model with at least some of these features, and ideally all!

How Long Should I Expect a Set of Solar Wall Lights to Last?

A great quality wall light with a modern battery and casing design should last several years, with the bulb within an LED wall light normally expected to function for up to ten years. The true lifespan of your outdoor wall lighting is, however, all down to those finer details we’ve touched on.

If you are purchasing solar lights for the first time, our tip is to check the ‘cycles’ shown in the product specification. One complete cycle refers to the time it takes for a battery to charge to capacity and deplete – this takes roughly three days.

As an overview of some of our most popular wall lights for home or business usage:

  • The Mars 1 Wall Light and Mars 2 models have a Lithium-ion battery providing 1,000+ cycles of power – this equates to 3,000 days or just over eight years.
  • Our Solar Wall Light from the elegant Exquisite Range offers 1,500+ cycles, with the ability to provide clean, free power for 4,500 days or 12 years.

These solar outdoor wall lights are designed to remain resistant to cold, heat and water and continue to perform perfectly regardless of the weather. With periodic cleaning to ensure optimal recharging and choosing a good placement so your solar lights receive ample sunlight, they are expected to last for around a decade, depending on the model you select.

Solar lights require a good level of exposure to sunlight to recharge, and the more direct that sunlight is, the faster the battery can replenish its stores. Therefore, installing a wall light away from shade and overhanging trees or shrubbery can contribute to a longer lifespan.

Choosing An Outdoor Wall Light With Advanced Technical Features

Let’s revisit those technical design elements mentioned earlier and explain why these cutting-edge features are so important.

The primary reason an outdoor light installed around your home, driveway, garden, pool area or porch stops working is that the battery has reached the end of its useable life. Batteries can run down due to prolonged and frequent use, dust and dirt ingress impacting the internal components, or because they have been exposed to water, humidity and dampness.

Extended use, such as leaving the solar lights to operate all night, will inevitably mean that your wall light begins to lose power or deplete faster than an outdoor lighting solution used during set times or that activates when a motion sensor is triggered.

What to Look for in High-Quality Outdoor Wall Light Models

Technical design properties, such as ALS and TCS, mean the battery won’t overheat, and has automatic programming to prevent the light from being left on when it isn’t needed. That could be because the evening remains light later in the summer or when your outdoor space is not in use.

Our next recommendation is to ensure that any wall light you purchase has an ‘IP’ waterproof rating. This assessment shows that the casing has been tested to a defined standard and will not allow water or moisture to get into the casing, damaging the battery’s performance and longevity.

Finally, our lights include specific features for each wall light depending on whether they are designed as decorative, ambient lights to add sophistication to outdoor dining spaces or are created as high-profile, powerful security lights.

Adjustable lighting modes, automated step-down lighting, motion sensors and auto day and night switches prevent the battery from functioning when it is not required and preserve the solar power within it. That means when you need your outdoor lights, they are bright, responsive and fully charged.

For more information about the typical lifespan of a set of professional quality solar wall lights, please get in touch with Solight or visit our product pages for full technical specifications, installation instructions and details of the functions, programming options and battery cycles available