Estate lighting is an essential security feature – and for developers and estate managers, can make a substantial difference in presenting a safe, attractive and aspirational estate that appeals to professionals and families alike.

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining exceptional estate lighting is balancing quality with costs. As well as initial installations, property managers need to consider:

  • Maintenance costs.
  • Frequency of repairs.
  • Electrical wiring installation.
  • The lifespan of bulbs and components.

A well lit, carefully maintained estate is far less likely to experience crime, is safer for residents, and provides a comfortable living space, where homeowners can relax and feel at ease. Many estates will install lighting around entrances and exit points, along streets and walkways, and throughout perimeters and parking areas.

As market-leading solar lighting experts working with clients across the property sector in South Africa, Solight has seen how high-quality solar lights can make a tremendous difference to housing estates’ security. We deliver the most convenient and cost-effective solutions to turn the darkest corners into secure parts of a property.

Let’s explore what solar lighting can offer, and why it is the best contemporary lighting solution for estates of all sizes.

Solar Energy Applications for Estate Lights

There is no doubt that excellent security lighting makes a big difference in an estate’s appeal and market value.

Not only does excellent lighting make an estate safer, but makes outdoor spaces more comfortable to use during evenings, particularly for families who can use safe streets and play parks to wind down after a busy day. CCTV is another essential feature of many estate lighting security solutions – with well-positioned lighting being vital to ensure footage is captured clearly.

So, why are so many estate lighting systems switching to solar energy, and why is solar lighting the top choice for developers across the country? Here are some of the many benefits of opting for modern solar lighting in preference to traditional hard-wired estate lighting systems:

  • Solight floodlights and perimeter solar lights have automated functions, switching on and off autonomously with changing light conditions. That means no manual programming, and no supervision required to ensure estate lighting systems are operating optimally according to the time of year, and the weather.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced to zero, without the hassle required to deal with faulty wires, tampering, wildlife damage, wear, and tear. Solar estate lights have no hard wiring, and therefore work seamlessly without any regular maintenance aside from a quick clean to ensure the optics are shining brightly!
  • The lifespan of exceptional quality solar lights means that they are designed to last for years – rather than months. We’ll explore some of the expected life spans of some of our most popular estate lighting solutions shortly.
  • Installation is incredibly fast, without needing to wire anything in, create channels, or consider how to connect estate lighting with mains power systems. This ease of installation significantly reduces the cost of upgrading estate lighting, with no cabling required.
  • Solar lights run independently from the power grid and therefore run throughout the year, even during power outages. As a safety feature, estate managers have the assurance that CCTV lighting and floodlights will work correctly without any dependence on mains power lines.

Alongside these compelling benefits, solar lighting from Solight comes with an outstanding guarantee of between two and three years. So, when you invest in your estate lighting system, you have a team of professionals on hand to ensure it operates smoothly for years to come.

Solight doesn’t only work with residential estates and developers! Our highly functional solar lights are also suited to business premises, commercial spaces, retail parks, shopping centres, camping and holiday parks, schools and golf courses, to name but a few!

Key Solar Estate Lighting Options

Now we know why solar lights are so popular for estates, let’s check out some of our top selling estate lighting solutions – and what functionality they offer.

1. Solar Courtyard Light

When it comes to cost-effective street solar lighting, the Courtyard light is the ideal option, with 32 different lighting modes to choose from. A sensitive PIR sensor responds quickly to low light, with zero physical programming required.

Courtyard lights can be mounted on a wall or pole, depending on your ideal lighting option, and comes with a two-year warranty.

IP65 technology gives the assurance of an independently verified waterproofing standard, keeping your lighting safe from rain, powered by a robust polycrystalline solar cell and Li-ion battery.

With 1,500 cycles, this estate lighting system will last up to 12 years – delivering exceptional value for money alongside powerful performance!

2. Solar Landscape Light

Our Halo landscape light delivers illuminations across multiple angles, perfect for open areas, highlighting landscaping and water features, and with smart light distribution meaning an aesthetic glow with reduced light pollution.

TCS technology prevents the Lithium-ion battery from overheating, with a super durable alloy lamp body designed to withstand weather conditions.

Incorporating a three-year Solight warranty, the pole-mounted landscape light has a lifespan of 12+ years, meaning that you get a decade of professional estate lighting with just one outlay – and no further installation or maintenance costs.

3. Solar Street Light – Atlas

When it comes to great street lighting, the best estates need a reliable and attractive system, modern and functional, and the Atlas street lighting solution delivers on all counts.

This aluminium pole-mounted street light has three modes to choose from, with automated day and night settings. The Lithium-ion battery lasts for approximately 12 years, delivering IP65 waterproof technology and temperature resistant casing to operate flawlessly in all conditions.

4. Solar Street Light – Camps Bay

Our other best selling solar street light comes in the Camps Bay model; with a fast PIR sensor and the same battery temperature control and IP65 waterproof design you’d expect.

The 30W LED bulbs provide bright lighting for up to ten successive days of low light, recharging to provide up to five hours of 400 Lumen illuminations, and balanced lighting distribution to conserve battery life.

Using pole-mounted estate lighting means being able to install your solar security lights in any position around your estate, without the time delays or costs of installing wiring, or relying on the mains power grid!

We hope this recap of our most popular estate lighting solutions is useful and gives you an idea about what systems are available for immediate installation. For more information about any of our featured solar energy lighting systems, or advice around the best estate lighting for your properties, get in touch – we’re here to help!