Solar lights offer considerable advantages to businesses, with no running costs, downtime, or the installation disruption you expect from conventional lighting solutions. Exceptional lights can transform the look and feel of your premise, making it inviting to visitors, safer for the workforce, and easier to navigate with clever lighting placement.

We’ve collated a few tips to amplify your business lighting and help you choose the right types of lights for each part of your building.

Using Lighting to Showcase Your Branding

The days of glaring fluorescent bulbs and stark strip lights are in the past – you can leverage a gentle LED glow or the warm illumination of spotlights to ensure your business signs stand out.

Outdoor solar lights are a great option since you won’t need to worry about replacing bulbs or digging through walls to fit the wiring – and they’ll recharge automatically during the day. Examples of effective lighting installations include:

  • Using wall lights to focus on banners, billboards and front of house signs.
  • Attracting passers-by with an entrance that is engaging and highly visible.
  • Lights fitted on business premises close to roads or motorways, reliant on transit visitors.

The key is that your solar lights only turn on when the light begins to dim, so you won’t incur additional utility charges or create light pollution. Commercial buildings that are clearly signed, with attention-grabbing outdoor lighting can only benefit from increased footfall.

Our Outdoor Lighting catalogue includes several models ideal for use in this way, from discreet wall lights to decorative pearl casings.

Ambient Lighting for Entertainment and Hospitality Businesses

Organisations in the entertainment and hospitality space need to look welcoming and project an aesthetic that matches their brand themes.

There are multiple ways to use energy-saving lighting to raise the appeal of your business, whether a hotel, restaurant, bar, theatre, cafe or event venue. Stylised solar lights can be low-level, dim lights for a romantic atmosphere or be energetic and bright to add colour and excitement to your facade.

Motion sensors are an excellent feature if you’d like every guest to feel like they’re walking a red carpet, or you can fit twinkling solar lights in garden areas and decking to maximise your usable serving spaces late into the evenings.

Think sheltered archways or canopies dotted with solar lights, pools of light to highlight decorative features, or fence lighting to create softer edges and a relaxed environment.

Improving Visitor Experience with Spotlit Signage

Customer experience is crucial, and installing sets of solar lights can make a big difference in larger sites. We often work with businesses in busy industrial or retail parks where it’s easy to get lost if visitors are not familiar with the layout. Tactical solar lights aimed at signs, maps or directional notices ensure that every customer locates you easily. They can also assist delivery drivers or other visitors with seamless directions, day or night.

Whether you’re a retail company, corporate organisation or public sector facility, projecting an organised site and putting effort into visitor satisfaction can go a long way towards making the right impression from day one.

Safe Parking and Pedestrian Zones

Bright, well-lit parking areas and pedestrian pathways are important for risk assessment purposes, the well-being of business users, and ensuring your company premises run smoothly. There are lots of ways to incorporate environmentally friendly lights, showcasing your commitment to sustainability while promoting safety:

  • Lighting around ramps, exits, entrances and sidewalks improves accessibility and ensures that less mobile visitors or those with prams or wheelchairs will feel welcome and catered for.
  • Spaced lights in car parks decrease the risk of collisions or accidents, reduce the potential for crime, and support a steady flow of traffic during peak times.
  • Perimeter lights mounted on walls or posts make it easy to locate the correct route to and from your business and can enhance the visibility of obstacles such as water features, steps or planting.

Solight stocks a broad range of Landscape Lights equipped with advanced technological features to ensure durability.

Business Lighting for Security

Finally, a commercial-grade set of wall lights or mast-mounted solar lights can be a valuable asset from a security perspective. These solutions are an effective crime deterrent and show that your property is protected and in good condition, making it less exposed to potential break-ins or theft.

It’s also well worth investing in security assets to advance the well-being of customers, staff and visitors, as people are more comfortable using a business with sufficient lighting, particularly if your opening hours extend later in the day.

Motion-sensor lights are a convenient way to revamp security and respond instantly when movement is detected – you can automate the response, manually activate your lights when you close shop, or leave them running independently. You can find further information about the best options for your business in our Security Lighting selection.

Choosing Cost-Effective Business Lighting

With soaring energy costs and rising expenses, many businesses are looking for alternatives to lessen their outgoings without detracting from excellent customer service and professionalism. Switching to outdoor solar lights is an opportunity to bring your utility bills down and ensure your company is well lit, even if you operate in an area with frequent power outages or unreliable energy provision.

Efficiencies include:

  • Instant installation with lights either mounted on walls or poles or placed in the desired position – with no wires, drilling or disruption.
  • Zero running costs – our powerful solar lights incorporate high-quality batteries that last for several years and recharge automatically.
  • Always-on functionality, without reliance on the mains grid or backup generators.
  • Low maintenance, requiring only a simple clean after poor weather or to remove any build up of dust or debris.

If you’d like more advice about using lighting to promote your business, boost safety and bolster your security measures, please contact Solight. As the leading solar lighting supplier in South Africa, our team will be happy to help and ensure you pick the perfect lighting solutions.