Street lights are vital for security and visibility, particularly in urban areas. They provide safety for drivers and pedestrians and increase our use of outdoor spaces, with solar street lights being the ultimate eco-friendly option.

For property management and development companies, there is a crucial need to balance costs against efficiency and install lights that tie in well with the surrounding area’s architecture and landscaping.

Read on to find out more about the top-performing solar street lights in South Africa and why they are so popular with premium housing estates where quality is key!

The Benefits of Solar Street Lights on Residential Estates

We’d all be living in reasonably dark times without sufficient street lighting! As we’ve mentioned, having illuminations is critical to safety for all road users and residents who need to navigate traffic networks, parks, walkways, gardens and outdoor spaces after dark.

That doesn’t just apply overnight either, with low light conditions or bad weather also requiring good quality lighting. Whether you’re travelling, exercising, parking, or entertaining, lighting is a deterrent to criminals, brightens up gloomy dark corners, and prevents the risk of accidents.

There are many compelling reasons to consider solar street lights as an advanced product that supersedes traditional hard-wired lights on all fronts:

  • Installation is speedy, without the disruption, costs or noise required to lay down new wires, connect with the mains power grid or dig up channels.
  • Solar lights are far more reliable, working autonomously from professional-grade batteries and leveraging the latest LED bulbs to offer years of use without relying on energy from the grid.
  • Automatic programming and lighting sensors ensure your street lights operate independently, without manual interventions or controls required.
  • Energy use is highly efficient, with the sensors able to dim down lights to conserve energy, respond instantly to changing weather patterns, and only activate when needed.
  • Your street lighting is also eco-friendly, cost-effective, requires minimal maintenance, and carries no expenses to run once installed.

It’s not hard to see why so many estates now opt for solar lights as a far more practical option!

Why Eco-Friendly Lighting is Vital for Property Managers

While we’ve touched on solar energy’s green credentials, it’s also a smart selling point. Increasingly, families and professionals seek out properties that help them make a minimal mark on the planet.

Property managers know that contemporary homes, energy-efficient construction, cost-effective heating and beautiful landscaping and plants are highly sought after and elevate new developments as a prestigious address. New complexes developed with an eco-friendly focus are readily marketable and represent the aspirations all homebuyers and tenants have to be more mindful about how they live.

As social awareness of environmental issues continues to grow, it seems very likely that a critical marketing factor for property developers will be to offer sustainable facilities in every aspect of the complex.

It’s also worth considering the functionality of solar lights and how they provide a versatile solution that harnesses the power of zero-waste energy in multiple ways:

  • Landscape lighting can be used anywhere, from quiet residential streets to play parks, car parks and vast outdoor areas where increased security is essential.
  • Solar lights are an excellent option for event managers who need a long-term lighting solution that can be quickly erected, dismantled and transported between sites.
  • The reliability of solar street lights lends itself just as well to providing security lighting for commercial areas, retail complexes and busy public spaces as well as private estates or gated homes.

Now we’ve absorbed some of the many benefits and uses of these next-gen lighting solutions, let’s explore some of the most popular models.

There are lots of considerations such as how your solar lights need to be mounted and how wide an area they need to cover – with Solight offering a solution for every design challenge.

Which Solar Street Lights Offer the Highest Performance?

As solar lighting experts, the Solight team is proud to present a short-list of some of our highest performing outdoor lights, with a brief run-through of the benefits they offer.

Each model has been designed with elegance in mind to offer street lights that look and perform beautifully and sync with the natural world around them.

  • Solar Courtyard Light: exceptional estate solar lighting, with options to mount on a pole or wall, from three to six metres to offer flexibility in finding your ideal positioning. The Courtyard light is a best selling security light with automatic operation and a robust PIR sensor.
  • Solar Landscape Light – Halo: the Halo light incorporates a graceful design, with multi-angle illuminations and low light pollution scatter pattern. The alloy lamp body is highly durable and offers patented ALS2.1 technology to provide efficient lighting with automatic charging and sensors.
  • Solar Street Light – Atlas: the ideal wide plane integrated street light, with three modes, automatic operating, and a temperature-resistant Lithium-ion battery providing impressive security lighting over a broad area.
  • Solar Street Light – Camps Bay: a modern, minimalistic street light with seamless functionality! The Camps Bay model offers up to ten days of continuous lighting, powered by smart ALS technology, and mounts up to six metres for overhead illuminations provided by a robust 30 W LED unit.

These solar street lighting models incorporate dynamic technology and smooth functionality, all encased in sustainable, long-lasting materials.

The Solight team blends contemporary design, technologically advanced components and powerful performance in every street lighting solution – offering you lights that are stunning to look at and infallible in their function.

With features including IP65 waterproof accreditations, smooth and subtle installations and full warranties, our solar energy estate lighting is an outstanding investment that pays dividends in zero running costs and full-time reliability provided by exceptional quality professional batteries.

Every estate or complex is unique, and we are always on hand to consult with architects or designers to identify the ideal position for security lights.

Contact the Solight team for more information about any of our solar street lighting solutions and for a professional consultation, to ensure you can make an informed decision about the ideal installations for your properties.