Security lights have long been used within commercial environments, adding a layer of protection and ensuring that any unexpected activity or attempts to access the rear of a business premise are instantly detected and illuminated.

Intruders and opportunist criminals are significantly less likely to attempt a theft or break-in at premises clearly well guarded, where they cannot access the property or enter through a gate or fence undetected due to the presence of a high visibility security light.

We often speak to business owners who are keen to explore the option of solar lights, specifically looking for solar security lights with motion sensors that proactively detect movement. Here we’ll talk about costs, preventative security, and why a premium-quality business solar security light may deliver outstanding returns.

How Do Solar Security Lights With Motion Sensors Work?

A motion sensor acts as a technological security guard, picking up movement such as a person or vehicle approaching your premises or walking around the perimeter. We often suggest choosing a light with a passive infrared motion sensor, which emits infrared light, invisible to the eye, that uses wavelengths to identify even small or slow movements.

When incorporated into a solar security light this feature activates the floodlights immediately when any movement is detected within the field of coverage, without any risk of false activations due to humidity or rain.

Extending the Lifespan of Solar Security Lights

Rather than leaving security lights on continuously or needing to activate your lights manually, a motion sensor will independently activate your security lights, preventing unauthorised intruders from getting anywhere close to your building without being seen.

The outcome is that the energy collected by the solar panel and stored within the in-built battery is conserved and used only when required – without draining power from the battery during periods of inactivity. By conserving power in this way, business owners can rely on their security lights to turn on and off as needed while the lighting unit is not exposed to any unnecessary wear or excessive battery cycles.

Solight’s solar security lights are manufactured with innovative features to ensure they are durable and long-lasting, with most security lights offering between 1,000+ and 2,000+ cycles of battery life. One full cycle runs for roughly three days, so this longevity equates to between eight and 16 years of functionality from one solar battery.

Solar security lights can also augment visitor experiences while working efficiently and without contributing to your carbon footprint. When a visitor parks in your car park, approaches the front door, or walks along the pathway leading to your business, a solar light will illuminate, guiding their way and ensuring any trip hazard or uneven ground is visible.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Security Lights for Businesses?

There are numerous reasons to consider solar security lights for your premises, whether you need to add lighting to car parks, your entrance door or loading bays or wish to augment your security protocols to protect your property overnight:

  • Guaranteed consistency, where a solar panel is an autonomous power source and ensures your security lights are always functional – even during a power blackout.
  • Zero utility costs, wiring, or complex ongoing maintenance. Our solar lights include multiple features, such as independently accredited waterproof casings and long-life LED bulbs and batteries that last for years.
  • Versatility, with a security light and solar panel suited to any environment with sufficient exposure to sunlight – meaning you can install your light at any position throughout your premise.
  • Customisable programming, with advanced solar security lights available with tailored settings, such as turning on automatically at a specified time.

We stock a vast range of solar lights engineered to provide flawless security coverage and can recommend the right options for your business based on your security risks, layout and budget.

Examples such as the Camps Bay Solar Street Light are designed with automatic day and night switches, remote control functionality, an IP65-rated waterproof casing and the option of installing your solar light up to a height of five metres for maximum visibility.

Our Mars 3 Wall Light is another popular product with business users, featuring three lighting modes, adaptive lighting technology and a robust 50-lumen central LED light with adjustable side-positioned spotlights for a broader field of coverage.

Are Solar Security Lights With Motion Sensors a Viable Option for Businesses?

In short, yes, a solar security light is rapidly deployable without any delays or added expense while waiting for an electrician to fit the wires and cabling necessary for a conventional security light.

They work autonomously and continuously, with a recharging cycle that ensures the battery is never fully depleted – using intelligent lighting technology to remain responsive and on duty at every hour of the day or night, or when you decide to programme or arm your security lights.

One of the advantages of solar security lights is that they are independent. If the area experiences a power outage, has an unstable mains power supply, or could potentially be exposed to deliberate tampering and wire cutting, a solar security light is unaffected.

Solar Lighting as a Low-Cost Business Security Solution

Since solar lights rely entirely on clean, green energy, they cost nothing to run, so once you have selected your preferred security lighting model, there are no further expenses. For businesses conscious of spiralling electricity costs, this solution provides assurance that their lighting will not create an additional outgoing.

Security lights can prevent thefts, ensure personnel and customers feel safe, and eliminate dark corners or entrance ways that feel intimidating or unwelcoming during the evenings and early mornings. The returns achieved are considerable, and our professional-grade security lights are designed with exacting attention to detail to stand the test of time.

For more information about solar security lights with motion sensors, or the most suitable lighting options for your business, please contact the Solight team or browse our wide range of security lights online for full specifications.