Outdoor lighting can add a touch of sophistication and elegance, illuminating patios, walkways, landscaping and planting with gentle, warm lighting or acting as high visibility wall lights to ensure your guests can find your home with ease and enjoy outdoor entertaining long into the night.

As the weather warms, wall lights and delicate outdoor pendants offer an opportunity to make your backyard, lawn and gardens more accessible and make the most of the beautiful summer weather and comfortable evening breeze to spend time with family, friends and neighbours.

Let’s talk about the strategic use of outdoor lighting, how to achieve the aesthetic and impact you are after, and why a durable, rust-resistant and high-quality set of lights is a year-round investment that provides excellent cost-efficiency.

How to Create an Inviting Atmosphere With Outdoor Lighting

The first step is to consider your aspirations and how you’d like the space in or around your home, patio and garden to look and feel. Bright, white-based lighting provides a sharp illumination in a crisp colour that is perfect for practical security and safety but isn’t as relaxing and chic as a warmer lighting solution.

Our broad range of outdoor lighting products offers an array of options, whether you’d like a classic matching pair of wall light fixtures or are looking for discreet solar lights installed with equal spacing around your garden to create a design feature.

A great tip is to consider the distance between dining areas, kids’ play spaces and entertaining zones and the location of your outdoor lights. Most solar lighting models scatter light evenly over a defined space, so by fitting your lights strategically, you can achieve a more laid-back effect without compromising on security.

For example, if you’d like to install outdoor lighting around ponds and open water to safeguard children and guests, you can fit these lighting units equidistant from your seating area or alfresco dining deck, where the glow of light will extend without too stark or direct an impact.

You can also go for smaller, more subtle outdoor lighting spaced around your outdoor area as an alternative to one larger and more vibrant security light – delivering the same visibility around shadows and darker areas without reducing the ambience of your home and garden.

Using Solar Lighting for an Outdoor Area Year-Round

The cost of purchasing a premium-grade set of wall light units, even beneath the regular price, is an investment – and whether you decide to shop for beautiful, heritage garden lighting styles or contemporary, sleek wall light models, these quality lights are not intended solely for the summer.

Features and programmable functionality can offer versatility, whereby during the summer, when the evenings are longer, you can opt to activate your outdoor lights as and when needed, rather than leaving them running continuously or relying on motion sensors to turn lights on and off.

Outdoor lights with adjustable functions are perfect, with options such as automatic lighting based on the natural light available or the choice of turning lights on and off with a remote control to cater to celebrations and events and customise the ambient light accordingly.

All specialist outdoor lights supplied by the expert solar lighting team at Solight are created to last, with exceptional attention to detail. From independently rated waterproof casings to long-life batteries that last for over a decade, robust LED bulbs and durable, tough components, our outdoor lights will continue operating perfectly for years to come.

Rather than choosing substandard solar lights that will last for one summer – if that – we always suggest a more advanced garden lighting solution that will cost substantially less in the long run while offering flexibility in usage that can shift with the seasons.

Picking Solar Lights for any Outdoor Space

One of the unique aspects of a solar light is that the absence of wiring, disposable batteries, cables or mains electric connections means our lights are infinitely moveable – while noting that wall light units that have been fixed in place may be less straightforward to relocate.

However, many outdoor lighting models are perfect for use in any setting, whether you have a field or play space close to your home as a venue for summer picnics or would like to position your lights within the right locations to add a touch of class to outdoor events.

Staked lights designed for use in an outdoor area can be taken to any space – provided you ensure your lights have sufficient time in direct sunlight to fully recharge in advance. Further information about charging times and lighting cycles is available through our product pages. Still, many solar lights with an advanced design can offer ten days of lighting on one single charge.

In almost every case where it appears that a classic wall light is not functioning correctly, the issue is purely related to the charging opportunities the battery within the solar light product receives.

Creating a Superb Ambiance With a Solar Wall Light Set

Moving back home, the main impact of your lighting is often felt when guests enter the space, and you can use accents of beautiful lighting to create a stunning effect either side of your walkways and paths, to highlight decks and patios, or sprinkled around the border of your outdoor space.

Interspersing focal points with white wall light illuminations and choosing softer colour lighting for dining areas is perfect, providing just enough lighting for conversation while banishing the shadows from the darker corners of your property.

If you are hosting a special occasion, we’d advise giving your staked or wall light units a quick clean beforehand, ideally a few days in advance. A simple clean with soapy water and a dry cloth can remove residues and dust and ensure your lights are brightly charged and ready to shine.

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