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This Smart little light allows you to control the light with your Smart device, by means of Bluetooth and Application. The design also allows it to be installed in various methods for any usage. With its sun tracking panel system which automatically adjusts the panel to follow the movement of the sun, it can be installed just about anywhere. Ideal for lighting up buildings, signs and features. The battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects the battery in high temperatures and prolongs the life span of the battery. It has an alloy lamp body which is strong & durable and incorporates ALS2.5 patented technology capable of 10 days lighting time through overcast conditions.  Standard with auto on and off light sensors and charging.

  • Mounting: Multiple
  • Solar panel: Monocrystalline
  • Colour temperature: 2800K
  • Charging time: 15 hrs
  • Battery: Lithium-ion (1500+ cycles)
  • Control mode: On/off button switch (auto day and night)
    • 150 Lumens for 5 hours thereafter 30 Lumens till dawn
  • Core technology: ALS 2.5/TCS 3.0
  • Multiple angles and usage
  • Bluetooth or app
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Special Order

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Installing Your Solar Smart Spot Light for Maximum Impact

The Solar Smart Spot Light is packed with advanced features and solar lighting technology to offer the ultimate flexibility, whether you’d like to fit your lights along boundary walls, to highlight trees and shrubs within your landscaping, or to banish the dark from frontages and walkways around stores and parking zones.

Our multi-mounting system means you can place your compact spotlights equipped with an intelligent sun-tracking solar panel in the position of your choice.

We’d suggest looking at the spaces you wish to illuminate to decide on the right placement, with each pack of spotlights able to be angled upward, downward or at an angle to concentrate a bright beam of light onto the selected area.

Fixing solar spot lights on a mast can extend the spread of light for a gentler brightening effect, whereas installing lights closer to a commercial sign, glass advertising panel, or residential estate signage provides a focused impact for excellent visibility.

Uses and Applications for Spotlights in Commercial and Estate Settings

Solar spot lights are versatile and can flood parking bays and dark pathways with light or act as an attention-grabbing focal point to ensure billboards and landscaping stand out.

The solar panel can collect energy from the sun in almost all weather conditions, with faster recharging when exposed to direct sunlight, but with the functionality to ensure it absorbs and stores solar energy through cloud cover – giving you plenty of potential options.

Popular places to install a pack of spotlights include:

  • Around play areas, parking spaces and outdoor pathways.
  • Within parks, public gardens, seating areas and recreational spaces.
  • Throughout commercial estates to highlight signage.

Wherever you fit your spotlights, you can enjoy sustainable and customisable lighting with high-quality casings and materials to ensure your lights last longer and work perfectly for years to come.

Order from stock today to receive your spotlights, with free delivery within South Africa, or read our review ratings to discover comments and suggestions from previous customers.

For further guidance and advice on any of our solar lighting products, contact the Solight team.


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