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This sleek and sophisticated light is ideal for Residential Estates, Resorts and pathways.  The battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects the battery in high temperatures and prolongs the life span of the battery. It has an alloy lamp body which is strong & durable and incorporates ALS2.4 patented technology capable of 10 days lighting time through overcast conditions.  Standard with auto on and off light sensors and charging. It also has duel PIR Motion Sensors of 3000 Lumens which gives this light an additional security feature.

  • Pole Mounted
  • Mounting Height 3M – 3.5M
  • Auto day/night switch
  • Lighting modes: X3
    • 450 Lumens with 3000 Lumen motion sensor
    • 900 Lumens for 5 hours thereafter 450 Lumens with 3000 motion sensor
    • 1050 Lumens constant
  • Solar Cell: Monocrystalline 16.2V/18.75W
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Battery: Li-ion battery 3.7V115.44WH 2.6AH/PC (with +1500 cycles)
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Core Technology: ALS 2.4
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • LED: OSRAM 42 pcs
  • Warranty: 3 years



While solar lights often conjure images of fairy lights that line walkways, the tech evolution of sustainable, zero-cost, environmentally friendly outdoor lighting has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, creating high-powered landscape lights with water-resistant aluminium casings and exceptional battery longevity.

The Trident outdoor lights are a superb example, as multi-functional garden lights that offer many benefits as decorative lights to bring brightness and ambience to entertaining and dining spaces while also acting as effective security lights suited for use as lanterns in parking bays, pedestrian zones and residential estates.

Requiring minimal time to install and powered solely through the sun’s electrical energy, this flagship outdoor lighting model allows you to extend your safety lighting throughout the evening while helping protect your outdoor space.

Key Applications for Solar Landscape Lights

Landscape lights provide a versatile way to illuminate most outdoor areas. Their primary function is to operate as solar lights, bringing focal points and features into sharp focus, used throughout:

  • Parks and public spaces as pathway lights.
  • To line walkways around reservoirs, ponds and lakes.
  • As decorative lighting in parklands, woods and nature reserves.
  • To use as garden lights in broader lawns and private spaces.

Solar lights offer a sustainable solution, particularly for larger gardens and spaces where running cabling and relying on mains electricity would be a costly alternative. Instead, solar lights work autonomously without any complex installation requirements.

Provided the solar panel is exposed to sufficient sunlight – even on grey, cloudy days – the solar battery can absorb this clean, green, free natural resource to recharge and continue delivering security lighting.

Trident Lights vs Wall Lights

Wall lights are another option if you’d like to save money on lighting an outdoor space and require secure and reliable lighting. As with mast-mounted landscape lights, wall lights are easy to install and can be fitted quickly without needing an electrician or cabling.

Fixing solar lights to a wall can be a great way to flood gardens, yards, pool areas, communal spaces and access routes with light, either as overhead lanterns or lower profile lights.

Either option runs without depending on mains power, with fantastic quality casings, battery design and materials, using next-generation LED bulb technology with various functions such as auto-recharging, step-down lighting during dark, overcast days and pre-programmed operating times.

Properties with walls, fencing and other boundaries may benefit from a solar wall light model, which can be installed up to three metres high and provides a spread of light throughout an enclosed space.

Cost Advantages of Using Solar Light in Estate Lighting

The primary cost-efficiency of solar garden lights is that they do not need electricity to run and use renewable sunlight to preserve the local environment and reduce energy costs. However, garden lights are also straightforward to maintain, simply requiring a periodic clean to remove dirt and dust from the sensor and solar panel.

Landscape lights are engineered to last for years, with the Lithium-ion battery in the Trident Light able to operate across 1,500+ cycles – a longevity rating of roughly 12 years from one solar battery.

Factoring in the lack of wiring, the added safety element of removing live electrical cables, and the durability of quality solar lights provides a significant cost saving to estate managers, homeowners and businesses.

The Compelling Benefits of Technologically Advanced Solar-Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights offer a huge variety of advantages in terms of efficiency, cost and electricity consumption. They are further augmented by incorporating innovative materials, sensors and technology into each secure lighting unit.

Most solar lights feature solar-powered LED bulbs, which we upgrade with temperature control tech (TCS) to prevent the battery from overheating and extend its lifespan further. Multi-angle illuminations ensure your solar garden lights provide the perfect spread of light with discreet silver mast mounts.

Adding patented ALS features ensures every set of solar-powered lights provides ongoing light distribution throughout dark nights while using smart recharging tech to extract maximum sunlight in all weather conditions, offering up to ten days of continual lighting time from just one charge.

Additional features such as rapid charging times, versatile control modes and a three-year professional warranty offer added value for money, with models available incorporating multiple lighting modes, optional motion sensors, IP-rated waterproof casings and adaptive lighting that adjusts to the natural conditions in your garden.

Selecting the Right Solar Lights for Landscape Lighting

Solight offers a huge variety of environmentally friendly landscape lighting models, with the Trident Solar Light erected to heights of between three and 3.5 metres, scattering lighting across wider areas. The sleek alloy casing and mast fit seamlessly into any landscape, with an IP65 casing for excellent performance during the heaviest rain.

The most suitable lights for you will depend on several variables, such as:

  • The purpose of your solar lights – perhaps as a security precaution to add a high level of visibility to stairwells, parking garages, property entrances or public pathways.
  • Exposure to the sun, with areas heavily shaded by trees often requiring analysis to determine the right solar light placement.
  • The operating system that will work best – the Trident Light has an automatic day and night sensor with three variable lighting modes for independent functionality, alongside dual PIR motion sensors.
  • Any requirements you may have in terms of the brightness, colour and style of your landscape solar lights. We have modern, slimline solar garden lights, high visibility security lights and decorative and period-style lights within our range.

While most solar lights intended as landscape lights are mounted on poles, you may also wish to purchase quality lighting from our range to add to the aesthetic of your garden, using decorative lights as a soft design feature or opting for bright blue floodlights with automatic PIR sensor motion detectors to enhance your security.

If you require assistance picking solar garden lights for your landscaping, please get in touch with our experienced solar centre for further information. Alternatively, you can find the specifications and functionalities of all solar-powered lights on each product page within our store before adding any units to your basket.

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